T-ARA’s Hyomin, Lee Min Jung, Lee Jooyeon, Son Yeon Jae and More Accused Of Attending Itaewon Party After Club Cases

None of them wore masks, but some of their agencies responded.

A number of female celebrities were accused of attending a birthday party held by a famous fashion celebrity in Itaewon on May 9, after the Itaewon club cases occurred.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang, fashion celebrity “K” held a birthday party on May 9, and was attended by actress Lee Min Jung, former After School member Lee Jooyeon, T-ARA‘s Hyomin, former Olympian Son Yeon Jae, actress Kim Hee Jung, and IMVELY CEO Im Ji Hyun.

Many of “K’s” celebrity connections were in attendance, but none of them were seen wearing a mask or participating in social distancing measures. In addition, the location of the party was a concern, as according to Sports Kyunghyang, the location of the cafe where the party was held was only 700 meters away from the Itaewon bar where the 97-liners visited.

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May 9 comes after the 66th case of Coronavirus in Yongin visited a number of Itaewon clubs, sparking fear that a second wave of new cases could occur in Seoul. Furthermore, some of the celebrities who attended, such as Lee Min Jung and Hyomin, also participated in the “Thanks to Challenge”, thanking medical workers for their hard work during the ongoing pandemic.

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Another potential controversy is that an alpaca was in attendance at the party. According to animal experts, alpacas feel extreme stress when they are exposed to crowded, noisy places.

In response to the report, Lee Min Jung’s agency, MS Team Entertainment, confirmed she briefly attended, but also revealed it was in Cheongdam-dong, not Itaewon.

It is not true that Lee Min Jung participated in an Itaewon birthday party.

She went to Cheongdam-dong to send gifts for her close friend’s birthday. She just showed her face and took a commemorative photo before leaving. It’s not true she participated in an Itaewon party.

— MS Team Entertainment

Son Yeon Jae’s agency, Leaf Studio, also relayed the same position.

The location of the party was in Cheongdam-dong, not Itaewon.

Son Yeon Jae attended to congratulate and greet her friend from her former agency, as it was her birthday. She gave her presents, and didn’t stay at the party longer than 30 minutes.

— Leaf Studio

Source: Sports Kyunghyang