Cherry Bullet Turns The Tables On Their Fansites On Their Way To The MIK Festival

You can tell they enjoy seeing their fans.

K-Pop idols are used to their fans coming to see them even when they’re arriving at airports. In fact, a lot of the time, fans can be reckless and encroach on idols’ personal space, leading to some scary incidents.

Fortunately, some fans are incredibly respectful, leading idols like NCT127‘s Jaehyun to praise fans for their behavior.

Cherry Bullet

Girl group Cherry Bullet recently left South Korea to fly to London, England, for the MIK Festival, and fans were excited to see the group off.


Cherry Bullet definitely impressed fans with their stunning airport fashion.


And as excited as fans were to see the group, Cherry Bullet seemed equally excited. They even prepared a surprise for their fans, turning the tables on them and photographing their fansites. Which, understandably, was both endearing and amusing to fans.

| @lulletchb/Twitter 

The members seemed adorably excited to photograph their fans, even showing off the pictures they had taken.

| @lulletchb/Twitter

The unexpected surprise of Cherry Bullet becoming a fansite for their fansites truly shows just how caring and lovely the members are.