NCT 127’s Jaehyun Praises NCTzens In Japan For The “Orderly Manner” In Which They Greeted The Group At The Airport

Here’s what makes this a uniquely welcome experience.

Both K-Pop idols and fans have been put in danger on many occasions when idols are mobbed by big crowds, often at airports This often tends to happen at airports, where fans and reporters wait for idols to arrive. Idols and fans alike have spoken out about the dangerous risks of these situations, so when NCT 127 was greeted by a peaceful and ‘orderly’ gathering of NCTzens in Japan, Jaehyun didn’t fail to express his gratitude.

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It was only recently that BTS was mobbed by a massive crowd upon their arrival at Incheon Airport from their trip to the White House. Netizens were completely outraged, especially after seeing how politely the members handled it, despite being jostled by so many people.

BTS arriving at Incheon Airport May 6 

Earlier in the same month, ENHYPEN found themselves in a similar situation when they returned from Germany after performing at KPop.Flex: the members’ personal space was so completely invaded that their bodyguards had to use physical force to move fans out of their way. While some criticized this, many international fans pointed out that it wouldn’t have been necessary if fans had respected the security perimeter.

Stray Kids‘s Bang Chan had something similar to say when he addressed dangerous crowd behavior in an episode of his regular live broadcast, Chan’s Room. When fans asked him why had no security around him at the airport when Stray Kids returned from a trip to Jeju Island, Bang Chan explained that he had insisted that security focus on protecting the other members, especially since Felix had already been pushed to the ground when Stray Kids were mobbed by fans in January.

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If everyone respected [personal] space, none of this would have happened… gotta be careful. People can get hurt. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well. So hope it gets fixed. But besides that I’m fine, I’m completely fine so don’t worry about that.

— Bang Chan

Given how big of an issue it is, it’s no surprise that NCT 127’s Jaehyun felt grateful when he and his members arrived to see a very orderly crowd of NCTzens in Japan. The group was recently in the country for their NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK tour, which they successfully wrapped up with a two-day concert in Tokyo.

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The members all had to undergo a quarantine upon arriving in Japan, during which they each filmed a vlog. In his vlog, Jaehyun discussed how excited he was to be able to perform in an offline concert again.

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But he then mentioned that the NCTzens who had gone to greet him and the members at the airport were there in “such an orderly manner…”

He was really happy to see them!

This calls back to how fellow member Yuta was able to arrive quietly in Japan earlier this year. While many NCTzens there were aware of his presence, they did not disclose his location, allowing him to enjoy his time there without much stress. Like Jaehyun, Yuta made sure to thank NCTzens for their polite and considerate conduct.

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While it’s always next to impossible to control a big crowd once people start running, the experience is more than worth it for both idols and fans if personal space is respected. Idols are more than happy to see their fans, as Jaehyun points out—and when their personal space is respected, then everyone gets to enjoy the experience without any risk of danger, as Bang Chan points out!

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And you can watch the clip from Jaehyun’s vlog on the link below.

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