Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Explains The Lack Of Security He Had At The Airport And Criticizes Dangerous Crowd Behavior

“People can get hurt. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well.”

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan always protects his members. He recently displayed why he’s so good at it while calling out a broader industry problem.

Bang Chan recently gained attention for his security guard-like image while at the airport. Stray Kids recently returned home from a trip to Jeju Island. They seemed to have a great time if their Instagram updates were any proof.

A large crowd of people welcomed them back. Fans noticed Bang Chan taking up the rear as the other members walked in front of him.

But the happy return turned a bit sour as many fans wondered why there was no security next to him. Though Bang Chan undoubtedly can handle himself, some fans were concerned for the idol.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan at the airport

During his most recent “Chan’s Room” broadcast, Bang Chan addressed fans’ burning questions regarding the incident. One STAY asked, “Why did they leave you behind?”

It turns out his separation from the group was intentional.

You’re talking about the airport, yeah? No. I wasn’t left behind … I did get cut off, but I also wanted to purposely get separated because it was just too chaotic.

Bang Chan told security to take care of the rest of the group, or “the kids,” instead.

The security was looking for me, but then I told them to just take care of the kids because no one was near me anyway so I was like, ‘Oh yeah just take care of the kids, right now they’re more in danger so yeah please take care of them.’ I was completely fine.

Bang Chan took the time to call out those who don’t respect artists’ space. Though this particular airport issue could have been worse, there have been other times when mobs have formed.

It’s not an issue limited to Stray Kids but other artists as well. For example, ENHYPEN recently faced a dangerous airport incident where the group’s bodyguards used force to keep the group out of harm’s way.

If everyone respected [personal] space, none of this would have happened… gotta be careful. People can get hurt. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well. So hope it gets fixed. But besides that I’m fine, I’m completely fine so don’t worry about that.

In January, Stray Kids encountered a chaotic airport situation where member Felix fell to the ground after being seemingly pushed by large crowds. Bang Chan wanted to avoid another situation like this.

Last time, you know, Felix fell over… a lot of people fell over. I didn’t want that to happen again, so I told them to do that. And I told them as well, thank you so much for doing that. No one got hurt luckily.

Bang Chan also made sure to reiterate that being separated from security was his decision, as he was more concerned with the safety of the other members. The staff did what he asked.

Fans were impressed by Bang Chan’s candid way of speaking about the situation.

They hope that in the future Stray Kids’ space can be respected.

With the group’s upcoming tour and inevitably crowded airports, everyone should consider the group’s safety.

This isn’t the first time fans have questioned Stray Kids staff’s handling of a situation. Recently Bang Chan noted that though he knew it was unsafe, the group used dangerous objects during filming, leaving him with a scar.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Got A Scar While Filming Even Though He Knew It Was Dangerous

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