NCT’s Yuta Thanks NCTzens For A Meaningful Reason In Recent Instagram Story Update

It shouldn’t even have to be said!

NCT‘s Yuta has returned to South Korea after spending some time in Japan, and a message he posted on his Instagram story has had fans feeling touched, especially since it shouldn’t even have to be said!

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Yuta had hilariously disappeared at the beginning of February after telling fans on Bubble that he would be back to chat with them after he took a shower, only to resurface days later in Japan. At the time, fans were happy to note that Yuta had been able to travel to Japan without anyone finding out, meaning that his privacy had not been violated by news of his trip being leaked.

Yuta reportedly arrived quietly in Japan, with NCTzens only finding out he was there when he popped up at the newly opened NCT 127 cafe.

In his latest Instagram story, Yuta shared some sweet messages with fans, saying how much he’d enjoyed his stay at home.

But more importantly, he gave his heartfelt thanks to the fans in Japan, saying that he was grateful for having been able to enjoy his time there without his location being leaked.

Many fans have echoed his sentiment, thanking NCTzens in Japan for being so considerate of Yuta’s privacy.

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Additionally, many fans have strongly voiced their support for Yuta and how vocal he has been about his privacy.

Thankfully, Yuta seemed to be comfortable enough with his privacy in Japan to the point where he even updated his Instagram story more often.

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While Yuta’s return to South Korea was not as quiet as his arrival in Japan, fans are glad that Yuta at least got to enjoy some well-deserved rest and privacy in his home country. It was the first time in a long time that he was able to go there, so being able to go to places while feeling at ease must have been very meaningful to him.

Hopefully it won’t be the only time he feels this at ease in regards to his privacy. And hopefully it won’t be too long before he is able to relax in Japan again!