Former Child Actress Rumored To Join ADOR’s (HYBE’s New Label) Upcoming 2022 Girl Group

Hawk-eyed netizens have found a few potential hints.

Just a few weeks ago, HYBE announced that they would be launching their new independent label, ADOR (All Doors One Room). HYBE’s Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Min Hee Jin, who was formerly the creative director at SM Entertainment, became the label’s CEO and has been busy getting ready for the label’s upcoming girl group.

HYBE’s CBO and ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin | HYBE

According to reports, ADOR has been preparing to debut a new girl group for sometime in 2022 and the group will be mainly produced by Min Hee Jin. It was reported that the group will primarily consist of trainees who were recruited during HYBE’s 2019 Plus Global Audition. 

“ADOR” logo | HYBE

Up until now, no further news have been provided ADOR’s upcoming girl group, but with 2022 inching closer, hawk-eyed netizens may have come up with one potential member.

Meet Ryu Han Bi—a 2004 trainee that is rumored to not only be one of the members of ADOR’s upcoming girl group, but also the group’s rumored center.

Actress Ryu Han Bi | Hankyung

The 17-year-old is no newbie to the entertainment industry, as she has been a child actress for the past 7 years. Ryu Han Bi made her debut back in 2014 when she was just 10-years-old in the JTBC series The Eldest. Ever since, the talented actress has been featured in numerous other productions, such as Entourage, Scholar Who Walks the NightCome and Hug MeArgon, and more.

Ryu Han Bi in “Argon” | tvN

And while no confirmation has been provided on Ryu Han Bi becoming a potential ADOR girl group member, there have been a few hints that netizens put together that seemed to confirm the news.

Ryu Han Bi’s Instagram @ryu_han_bee_mom recently began to follow Min Hee Jin and ADOR’s official Instagram accounts.

Ryu Han Bi’s Instagram account following HYBE’s CBO and ADOR | Instagram

Her account has also been captured interacting with ADOR’s account by liking several of their posts.

Ryu Han Bi’s account comment on ADOR’s post | Instagram

The child actress also previously made headlines when rumors began to go around about her addition to HYBE Labels, but this was never confirmed nor denied. And while all of this remains just a speculation, the rumor of Ryu Han Bi’s potential addition into ADOR’s upcoming girl group has been enough to create an online frenzy due to her idol-ready visuals.

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We can’t wait to see the updates that follow regarding ADOR’s upcoming girl group. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: theqoo and Nate News