Childcare Worker Claims She Hit a 3-Year-Old Because of “COVID-19 Stress”

The daycare director blamed COVID-19.

A national petition recently began circulating, and it’s titled, “Childcare Director Assaulted My 3-Year-Old Because of COVID-19“.


The mother of the child, Ms. A explained that at a daycare center in Paju, her 3-year-old child was assaulted for not taking a nap.

My child was assaulted by the director for not taking a nap. My child was there since 16 days prior, so who knows what else she did?

– Ms. A

According to Ms. A, the daycare center claimed that the child fell off a chair, but when she took him to the hospital, the doctor suggested they check the CCTV cameras.


When she checked the footage, she saw that the director assaulted her child repeatedly.

The director hit my child with her phone just because he wouldn’t take a nap. She then hit him 5 to 6 times, and once he looked frightened, she pat him and left the room.

– Ms. A

But the assault didn’t end there. When the teacher comforted the child, the director came back in and hit him again.

According to the footage, the child laid completely still while his homeroom teacher put on ointment.

When the police arrived at the scene, the director blamed COVID-19 for the assault.

When the police arrived, the director told the police that she hit him because of COVID-19. She confessed that she was stressed from the decrease in students because of COVID-19, and took out her anger on my boy.

– Ms. A

Ms. A explained that such incidences are not uncommon, but that the punishment is weak and usually ends with just a fine.

The petition demanding a stronger sentence has gained over 49,000 signatures so far.

Source: Dispatch