Chillin Homie Apologizes For Remarks Against Feminists

He wishes to work hard to control his anxiety.

Just yesterday, Groovl1n‘s Chillin Homie was under fire for cursing out feminists on an Instagram live stream. It also included a curse at label owner Ravi from VIXX.

It’s true that me doing this now will harm Ravi. But he can f*ck off. …if there’s any feminists amongst my fans, please f*ck off. You guys are disgusting and dirty. F*ck off, you crazy b*tches.

—Chillin Homie

Above was only a snippet of the long rant the rapper went on, and fans were rightly upset. Groovl1n’s response also didn’t do much to quell fans anger.

A screenshot from the live | @chillinhomiethesavior/Instagram

However, earlier today, Chillin Homie put out an apology himself.

Last night, I cursed and misbehaved during an Instagram Live broadcast. I apologize for my irresponsible and careless words and actions that caused many people discomfort and concern.

—Chillin Homie

The rapper explained that since his appearance on the show Show Me the Money, he has been extremely stressed as he has received many comments, rumors, and direct messages attacking his family and himself.

I think my mind and body became weaker and weaker due to the constant malicious comments. I showed my shortcomings as an excuse for my weakness due to the panic disorder and anxiety. These situations have made me realize that my usual thoughts are wrong and I took the time to self-reflect. I apologize for hurting many people with my wrongful thoughts. I will become a more mature person and change the way I think and act. Once again, I bow my head to apologize to many people. I will ‘wake up’ so that this will not happen again.

—Chillin Homie