China Under Fire For Blatantly Copying “Squid Game” For Upcoming Variety Program Titled “Squid’s Victory”

Even C-Netizens are reportedly “embarrassed” at the similarities.

Netflix‘s Korean series Squid Game has gone on to see worldwide success that has yet to be achieved by any Asian production ever since its premiere a month ago. With the incredible accomplishments made by the K-Drama, Squid Game-related parodies have been popping up all over the world. Whether it’s the dalgona game or the green tracksuits, the Netflix series has inspired many different countries.

In light of that news, however, is one country that has started to receive immense backlash for their blatant plagiarism of the series — and it is none other than China.

“Squid Game”‘s Korean poster | Netflix

It’s been reported by numerous media sources that China will be launching a new variety program titled Squid’s Victory sometime in 2022. Premiering on YOUKU, a Chinese video hosting service, the promotional poster of the upcoming show was recently revealed — but the font, the shapes, and the colors looked all too familiar.

Promotional poster for upcoming Chinese show, “Squid’s Victory” | YOUKU

In addition to that, just like the Korean series’ plot line, the Chinese variety program is also set to revolve around children’s games. The show will have contestants who will compete with one another in different challenges featuring numerous Chinese children’s games.

This news has been receiving immense backlash from both Korean and Chinese netizens due to the hypocrisy that has been shown by China. Not only did the nation ban all K-Pop and K-Drama related productions, but they also previously criticized the success of Squid Game, stating that they would never remake the series due to the “dark theme of human nature.”

Still from “Squid Game” during the deadly children’s game, “Red Light, Green Light” | Netflix

Following the drop of YOUKU’s Squid’s Victory promotional poster, Chinese netizens on Twitter began to express their embarrassment for China’s blatant plagiarism.

Korean netizens also chimed into the ongoing situation, as they called out China for their hypocrisy.

| theqoo
  • “For real…??? Is this for real??”
  • “And it’s not a parody? Hahahahahahahahahahaha”
  • “Are they freaking crazy?? Even their title is really tacky. Everything they do is tacky.”
  • “Wow it’s so tacky hahahahahahaha”
  • “It’s not even a small site. Isn’t YOUKU really famous in China..? But they are blatantly copying it? So classy hahahahaha I’m not even surprised anymore with their fakes.”
  • “Netflix, do something.”
  • “Seriously, are they not embarrassed? It’s like their country doesn’t feel embarrassment??”
  • “Why are they like this hahahaha”
  • “They are so dependent on South Korea.”
South Korea’s “Squid Game” (left) versus China’s “Squid’s Victory” (right) | Netflix, YOUKU

YOUKU has yet to respond to the ongoing backlash, as both Korean and Chinese netizens ask for the logo and the premise of Squid’s Victory to be changed. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: theqoo and Money Today