China To Regulate Pretty Male Idols Who Don’t Conform To Masculinity For Being “Malformed”

The nation has concerns about male idols who are not considered “macho.”

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), China has recently announced their plans to “further strengthen the management of their artists.” The National Broadcasting Administration of China (NRTA) reported that all nyangpaos — who are men with a feminine appearance and/or behavior — will be regulated due to their “malformed aesthetics.”

Chinese boy group known for their “pretty boy” visuals, TFBoys | Weibo

These regulations are being placed within the nation due to the “threat” that nyangpaos pose to the traditional social values that have been upheld in the nation thus far. There have been alleged claims raised in regards to the potential “ruins”  of the country’s youths if they continue to be exposed to the pretty male idols.

The Chinese authorities have raised their levels of criticisms against the nyangpao trend. Nyangpaos are any idol singers who wear makeup or do not conform to the typical ‘macho’ male image that is represented in the Chinese culture.

These popular idols are also referred to as xiao xien rou, (direct translation ‘little fresh meat’) which has been used to refer to ‘handsome young men.’ Many have pointed out the potential threats that they pose to our traditional social values.

— The National Broadcasting Administration of China/South China Morning Post

In addition to this, it was reported that idol survival audition programs have also been banned within the nation for similar reasons.

Chinese audition program “Youth With You” | iQIYI

These bans and regulations come in the midst of the entertainment industry clean-up China has started to partake in. The nation recently began to crackdown on stars with controversies, as they do their best to remove them from their online platforms.

Former idol member Kris Wu | Billboard

Previously, former idol member Kris Wu was accused of numerous sexual assault allegations, shocking the entertainment world. Not too long after these accusations went public, his social media accounts were deleted and all other traces of the former star were promptly removed. Popular actresses Zheng Shuang and Zhao Wei were also given the same treatment after their tax evasion controversies made headlines. They were both also removed from the nation’s online platforms almost overnight.

Source: MK News and BBC