Kris Wu vs. Du Meizhu — The Full Timeline Of Events That Has Taken Over Chinese And International Media

Here is everything that has happened so far.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Additional information has been added to this timeline as of August 17, 2021.

Chinese-Canadian soloist Kris Wu is currently embroiled in a scandal where Du Meizhu has accused him of seeking out and grooming underage girls, predatory behavior, rape, threats, and harming girls. The situation is still ongoing, with both sides threatening legal action.

June 3, 2021

Photos of Kris at a movie theater with a girl rumored to be Chen Ziyi surfaced on the internet. Chinese media reported that Kris rented out an entire movie theater so the two could enjoy their date in private.

However, Kris’s agency and legal team demanded that Wanda Cinema take legal responsibility for the spread of the picture online, stating that they violated their artist’s privacy and refused to apologize.

July 8, 2021 — Du Meizhu’s initial reveal takes the internet.

While Kris and his agency were attempting to clean up the impact of his movie theater date, now 19-year-old Du Meizhu released a lengthy post alongside a series of text message screenshots and photos as her evidence to back up her claims.

Even after getting cyberbullied and receiving death threats, I still find it difficult to accept the fact that you love many girls at once and that I, Du Meizhu, am only one of them.

Hi everyone, I’m Du Meizhu. Since a certain incident, my name has been associated with such negativity. As someone who grew up in a single-parent household, I agree that there might be flaws in my personality — like not being very confident or feeling very insecure when it comes to love… but I think my better characteristics also come from my situation at home. I’ve always been alone and isolated since I was young. Even though my mom was always busy and couldn’t be with me all the time, I never had to worry about my quality of life. My grandparents were there for me as I grew up, so I know how to be grateful and work hard. I try to stay strong, to become better and better, and to live my life optimistically.

A few months ago, however, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I didn’t want to see anyone, couldn’t sleep, felt tired, and became more unstable. After experiencing cyberbullying a month ago, I wanted to take my own life at one point… A lot of people asked me for solid proof of Mr. Wu cheating on me. I even got death threats from his fans. As a girl who lives alone, I was so scared…

While I was serious about our relationship, you’ve been out and about with a lot of girls around me. In fact, a lot of my friends got invited over by you for the same reason… You have a WeChat account dedicated to seeking out underage girls. After I updated Weibo on June 3, you immediately deleted this WeChat account — as well as the middleman’s Weibo account. The thing is, when we see that innocent look in your eyes when you’re with us, we soften up. But that doesn’t mean we should be treated like toys you can play around with! I feel shocked and helpless. Due to privacy concerns, I won’t reveal the names of the underage victims. But I found out from these videos that you have certain “standards” — like that the girls have to be born in the 2000s or that they’re around the age when they have to take college entrance exams.

You use the same approach (saying that you’re selecting a female lead for an MV or that your studio is looking to sign a new artist) to get these girls to come over. Then you make them play drinking games and force them to drink… You tell them sweet things like, “I’ll take care of you” or “I really want to be with you.” Your other girlfriends came to me and asked who your real girlfriend is. Even when you’re working in other cities, you find girls to spend the night with you, while you tell me to go to bed early. When you’re done with work, you go to the afterparty and while drinking, you pick and choose from a lineup of girls’ pictures like they are some merchandise (This involves too many people, so I’m not going to release the video). This process involves a lot of middlemen and maybe it’s related to an unspoken rule of the entertainment industry, which I had never experienced before.

I’m a girl who only trusts facts. I will always admit to things that I’ve done, but will never take the blame for things I didn’t do! I don’t need to do illegal things to benefit from your popularity (I have never created any fake images or maliciously edited any videos). I wanted to take this on with courage then start anew without thinking about the past. But I never thought I would have to face your fans harassing and cyberbullying me after I’ve already gotten so hurt by the relationship. Perhaps some people might think it’s a bit dramatic to get depression over a relationship, but I do want to say that if you’ve never been in the same shoes, you simply cannot relate to it.

Living like this is so tiring… but I’m accepting all the cyberbullying and standing up to be the voice for all the underaged girls who were lied to. Don’t ever believe those lies again but don’t blame yourselves either. I hope everyone can open their eyes and see the truth, instead of falling for the fake perfect image.

— Du Meizhu

The first set of screenshots she shared was between her and two individuals claiming they will help her get into the entertainment industry.

A: “Hello, I’m a manager at an agency. Are you considering going into the filming industry? The agency is expanding and after seeing your exceptional visuals and other characteristics on Weibo, I wanted to get in touch so we can talk a bit more. Can I please get your contact information?”

Du Meizhu: “Which agency is this?”

A: “It’s a one-man agency. I’m currently expanding by signing new artists.”

Du Meizhu: “OK.”

[Blurred out contact information]

A: “OK, I’ll add you.”


B: “I’m [blurred out name].”

(You’ve added [blurred out name]. You can start chatting.)

B: “Hello.”

B: “Are you taking the college entrance exam this year?”

Du Meizhu: “Yes.”

Du Meizhu: “Hahaha.”

Du Meizhu: “I just took them.”

([blurred out name] (Wu Yi Fan’s studio))

B: “I’m a manager at Wu Yi Fan’s studio~ I’m also the manager taking care of Fan Fan right now. This year, we’re recruiting new artists and preparing to expand in the industry~”

Another picture shared by Du Meizhu showed an unidentified person letting her know about the type of conduct that individuals associated with Kris Wu take part in.

C: “They’re all very rude”

C: “Let me tell you”

C: “Someone told me”

C: “They said they already knew Wu Yi Fan knows me”

C: “I asked how”

C: “He said you don’t know?”

C: “Before throwing a party together”

C: “They send all of the girls’ photos out” (this is two lines)

C: “And pick”

C: “Pick who they want to invite over for drinks that day”

Du Meizhu: “Like picking concubines?”

C: “Like picking concubines… Turning a sign over when a girl is selected” [T/N] In the past, kings would pick which one of their concubines they’d spend the night with by turning a sign over.

There was a screenshot included by Du Meizhu that was seemingly nonsense, only full of pig emojis.

Z: “[pig emoji][pig emoji]”

Z: “OK [pig emoji]”

Z: “Then don’t think too much [pig emoji]”

Z: “[pig emoji]”

Z: “[pig emoji]”

Z: “I’ll let it go, dummy[pig emoji][pig emoji]”

Du Meizhu also shared that two of the accounts that contacted her were now deleted: “A” and “Z”.

“The WeChat account that Wu used to hit on girls has been deleted” (top red font)

“The middleman’s Weibo has also been deleted” (bottom red font)

She shared a note from her doctor, revealing she has depression and anxiety, and that the state of her health is very poor.

One screenshot with “Z” showed “Z” trying to meet up with Du Meizhu.

Z: “I’m awake”

Z: “What time does your class end today?”

Du Meizhu: “Class ends a bit after 8pm” (two lines)

Z: “Then I will come pick you up a bit after 8pm. I miss you so much [emoji]”

Du Meizhu: “OK, but we might only be able to meet up for a little bit over an hour”


Z: “That short? [emoji]”


Z: “Are you still in Beijing?”

Z: “I’m coming back tonight”

Z: “Should we meet [emoji]”

She shared a screenshot with details from a girl who claimed she was another victim of Kris Wu’s inappropriate actions.

He kept drinking with me afterwards and we had a bit too much. That day at the hotel, I became unconscious but we still did it.

Everything was a blur to me when I woke up the next day. I couldn’t really remember what happened because I drank too much. I left first.

Then, the day after, he wanted me at the hotel again to keep him company. And I really thought I might be getting romantically involved with a celebrity. But I didn’t know if I should be scared or happy. It was a feeling that can’t be described.

After that, he left. We still kept in contact at first, but we never met again after that. I fantasized about him contacting me later on… But it was just a fantasy.

He eventually cut off all contact. Recently, something bad happened to me so I wanted to contact him. But I couldn’t find his WeChat account anymore.

I saw that a lot of girls have experienced the same thing as I did… Getting abandoned after being lied to, so I thought I should step forward and talk about this. Girls, don’t let yourselves become someone’s toy — even if that person is some fancy celebrity. You should not underestimate the damage that can do to you.

— Victim 2

There was another screenshot, showing the kinds of messages Kris Wu would allegedly send to other girls.

Kris: “Baby, can you come keep me company today?”

Kris: [emoji]

Kris: “I can’t fall asleep without you here”

Victim 3: “You’re back already?”

Kris: “I didn’t have anything to do after going on stage, so I came back”

Kris: “I miss you”

Kris: “Can you come keep me company?”

A fourth victim sent Du Meizhu a screenshot of Kris Wu allegedly trying to get her and her friend to go over to his place together.

Kris: “Do you two want to come together?”

Kris: “I just saw your feed, you two know each other”

Victim 4: “Ex-classmate”

Victim 4: “It seems like you know everyone”

Victim 4: [emojis]

Kris: “I also know”

Kris: [blurred out name]

Kris: “Hahahahaha”

Kris: “That’s your friend too”

July 8, 2021 — Kris Wu releases initial denial.

Kris Wu’s representatives and legal counsel released a statement, saying that all of the claims revealed by Du Meizhu are false and the messages were fabricated. They stated that they would be getting their legal team involved in an attempt to protect Kris Wu’s image and reputation.

July 17, 2021 at 10:38AM CST — Du Meizhu reveals Kris Wu’s side asked for a settlement.

On July 17, Du Meizhu revealed through her Weibo account that Kris Wu’s side sent her an agreement notice in an attempt to settle the issue. However, while revealing the agreement, she also revealed that Kris Wu tried to potentially avoid tax issues by transferring her money.

I laughed upon receiving this settlement agreement. Even though I just turned 19 years old and don’t have a lot of life experience, I still felt something was off after seeing so many terms of illegal actions, like “threaten”, in the agreement, so I immediately talked to a lawyer friend of mine. My friend said this agreement cannot be enforced in accordance with contractual law, but it is a “guilt admission document” for me. This is fraud and blackmail in the amount of 2,000,000 CNY and can result in more than 10 years of jail time.

While chatting, he said due to tax issues, he transferred 3,000,000 CNY to me and asked me to transfer 1,000,000 CNY back to him. I was curious as to what kind of tax issues would cause such a problem, but someone who knows law said that having me transfer 1,000,000 CNY back is to provide proof that it was me who received the payment and that I own and control the account. That way, it can be proven that the transferee is me, and the fact that this is a big transfer can provide confirmation that I’m able to act consciously. Adding this to the existence of the agreement, it’s guaranteed that I would go to jail.

I feel so blissful knowing that someone who I’ve slept with wants to gift me 10 years of jail time (Take note, he transferred 500,000 CNY to me that day at 5 pm, but only told me about it at 7 pm. This is a transfer without my agreement. It’s probably a tactic to put pressure on me while negotiating.) (Also, someone told me that her friend made a claim after getting dumped by a certain someone and had an abortion, and was happy after receiving money, but ended up going to prison shortly after. I’m getting more information on this case, and will reveal more about it later if possible.)

— Du Meizhu

July 17, 2021 at 10:42AM CST – Du Meizhu reveals proof that Kris Wu sent her money.

Du Meizhu shared a video of herself recording her phone and showed the transactions from a person suspected to be Kris.

Here, this is the record of his money transfer to me. Since it’s a bank app, I can’t screen record, so I can only record with another phone.

Two separate transactions totaling 500,000 CNY. Pay attention to who the transferor is. The name is actually in Romanized English not Chinese characters, so this is probably a foreign bank.

What is the meaning of “nonresident”? Also, how come this person’s name looks so familiar? It seems to be the same as some top male celebrities here in China. My guess is that this is just a beautiful coincidence.

— Du Meizhu

July 18, 2021 at 7:02PM CST

Du Meizhu’s first post on July 18 shared how her friends were getting death threats from Kris Wu’s fans. She also shared another video, this time showing her conversations with Kris Wu on Alipay, an app where users can quickly send payments and chat with each other.

You’ve really crossed the line. I can’t believe you’d actually take it this far. My friend just told me she received a lot of direct messages with photos full of bloody corpses. I asked her for some of the IDs and found that the same people sent me the same things yesterday. They’re even using my photo as their profile picture. I’m not posting the photos here because it probably won’t get approved for posting and it could be used to get my Weibo suspended.

Please just sue me, I beg you. I just want this thing to be over and done with quickly. Also, I’m staying in Beijing and not going anywhere. Even if a bird came and pooped right beside me, I’d think the bird was sent by you.

Here are some conversation records on Alipay. I’m not going to blur anything out. I’m worn out. There’s no need to protect those who help the perpetrator against the weak.

Also, if you sue me, I’ll request for the court proceedings to be broadcasted live. Want me to transfer all of the money back? Sure, immediately apologize to all of the victims on Weibo and leave China.

We don’t welcome you here, you Canadian.

— Du Meizhu

July 18, 2021 at 9:02PM CST

Du Meizhu claimed she has enough evidence to put Kris Wu in jail for at least 10 years. She gave him an ultimatum — 24 hours to hold a press conference to announce his withdrawal from the Chinese Entertainment industry, apologize to everyone, and leave China, or she will go even further. One of the claims she added was that Kris Wu had an STD (sexually transmitted disease) while seeing a girl, which forced her to get an abortion.

You’re truly pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside! I really didn’t know you could do something like this. I don’t know what we did wrong to have to suffer through torture by you and your fans.
When I had a live broadcast, you got your fans to say I want to be a popular influencer and sell products through broadcasts. When I created a “Xiao Hong Shu” social media platform account, you said I just want to make a name for myself and would do anything and everything to get there.

I couldn’t get in touch with you but just wanted to understand what was going on. You got a PR company to say I was shameless and wasn’t satisfied even after having sexual relations with a celebrity.
I accidentally revealed my phone number and you got people to harass me 24 hours a day. I exposed you on Weibo, you got an ex-pimp to come to my school to dig up dirt on me. I posted about what you did, you came up with ways to change the trending search terms to things that were positive towards you and erase everything negative about you.

All this, I never really said much about anything. I never sued you. Do you think that no one would support me because I’m not rich? Do you know how many of your ex- and current staff reached out to me to expose what you’ve done? Do you know how many people who suffered because of you are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel just because I exposed you? Do you know this incident has now got out of the fandom and is spreading across all of Chinese society? Also, do you know everything I have in my hands right now can send you to prison for at least 10 years?

Ha. Ha. Mr. Wu, I want to ask you, you’ve been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, what have you left behind? Your acting? Your super awkward variety show sense? Ha. Ha. Now, the people who were with you because of your money are leaving you. Will you feel regretful? Will you feel scared? Have you ever reflected on this?

I want to ask you, do you think you’re a human? Do you have any understanding of my family’s situation? Of course, you don’t have time to understand it. The time we actually spent together totals less than 10 days. You just say bullshit all day, from looking down on this male winner of an audition program to looking down on a trending female celebrity, to talking about how some audition program contestant is trying to please you, to talking about how some female executive wants to have sex with you but you didn’t go. You didn’t even have a single good word for your former groupmates. Did you ever have a single good word for anyone that was in your Chinese sub-unit? Watching a variety show from half a year ago and seeing you hug your teammate…you can probably still tell him he has body odor.

You don’t realize that my family situation is not bad, right? My monthly allowance is about 100,000 CNY. I trended on Weibo after discussions for the 2,000,000 CNY fell through and you got someone to come discuss with me again. Sometimes it’s 80,000,000 CNY, sometimes it’s 120,000,000 CNY, sometimes even 200,000,000 CNY is possible. Oh, but there’s a catch, and that is I need to tell you all the information about all of the victims and disappear from the public. I can’t believe this came out of your mouth. You know I’m learning performing arts.

— Du Meizhu

Du Meizhu also shared intimate details about her sex life with Kris Wu, and how he liked to talk himself up. She also issued him a final ultimatum — apologize and leave China, or face the consequences.

Even if I’m not thinking about my career, do you think I’d actually tell you everything about those who you’ve hurt, tortured, got depression, attempted suicide, got an abortion, got an STD from you, and started losing their hair since their early 20s all because of you? I have a public platform to get the public to support me, but what about them? Let you toy with them?

Are you that full of confidence? What’s supporting your confidence? The fact that you have to take pills to get it up for sex? The fact that you have to say “I’m really big, bear with it” before you enter every time? The main question is, you actually say this to everyone, so is this a line that you knew how to say ever since you were born? Did you write a whole script with this line? When you wrote it, did you consider other people’s feelings? Sex ends after only 2 – 3 minutes, and you even ask, “How was it? I’m amazing, right?” Yes, you’re amazing, you’re really amazing. “Is mine big? My ex-girlfriends all say it’s big” Yours is big, it’s really big.

Do you know? When women love or think they love you, they are willing to lie to you and even lie to themselves. We all loved you or thought we loved you, so we lied in order to protect you. Do you know how that really feels? Probably, it’s the feeling like you want to pick your nose, and you wanted to use your finger, but you can only pick it with a toothpick. It’s a slow and painful process. You should change your name to Wu-Pick since you will never be able to use your name ever again.

Mr. Wu, let me tell you, all of the evidence out there right now is my own. I haven’t released anything other people have given me. You are very smart and must know that the victims who contacted me don’t want to face the public. But as more and more victims are found, and every single one of their real experiences is being put in front of us, as the victim’s age gets younger and younger, from rape using date rape drugs to gang rape, from single partner to multiple partners, we are angry!!!

You all keep wanting me to post evidence. I know very clearly that as soon as I release all of the unbelievable evidence I have, I’ll win immediately. But have you all thought about this? Because of what the law is like, and because of what the media is going after, if I release everything, the victims’ lives would be over just like mine.

I know very clearly that my life is ruined. Although I’ve only had sexual relations with Wu, the public has already labeled me a whore. My future husband and mother-in-law would definitely bring this up when they argue. Who knows, my kid might even be called a whore’s child in kindergarten. My life is ruined, but I can’t ruin the victims’ lives. Because I am a human being.

OK, I’m going to cry again soon. Mr. Wu, I’ll give you 24 hours to prepare a press conference to announce your retirement from the Chinese entertainment industry and never return again. Then, you should pay damages and apologize to the brands that you collaborated with and apologize to any party that you’ve endorsed or contracted with. You should think of ways to take down everything related to you in the country, including anything on buildings and subway stations. You should also handwrite a letter to all of the victims and post it on your Weibo for 72 hours. Then you should leave China. You’re not worthy to be on this piece of land. You Canadian, go back to where you came from. Before leaving, you should think of a way to take the COVID-19 vaccine back out of your body. That was produced in China, you’re not worthy of it.

Otherwise, I can make you lose everything without revealing those girls’ identities.
OK, get to preparing.

Mr. Wu, this time, it’s the final battle.

— Du Meizhu

July 18, 2021 at 10:19PM CST

Du Meizhu’s final post regarding this incident came shortly after her lengthy one, and she took a more measured approach to her comments, before ending with one last call to action for Kris.

Mr. Wu, based on my experience from being with you, I don’t think you’re a naturally bad person. You’re just someone who grew up in a single-parent household with a mom who loves and spoils you way too much. On top of that, China’s culture and entertainment industry have been quickly growing in the past 10 years, but due to various reasons, capitalistic views have deformed fan culture, which resulted in you being where you are today.

I know you haven’t been able to sleep in the past few days and cried your eyes out at home. You even lost control and fought with your staff physically, but remember, you’re human, and you’re a guy. You have to grow up and take responsibility. I’ll admire you if you turn yourself in. But whether it is hurting yourself or hurting others, both are not right. Don’t turn away from life. Think about your mom. Whether it’s right or wrong, she sacrificed a lot for you.

Your life has been amazing enough for the past 10 years. Normal people can’t make billions.

Stand up, like a man.

— Du Meizhu

July 19, 2021 — Kris Wu denies accusations again.

Kris Wu has spoken up about the accusations, firmly denying them. Through a statement on his Weibo account, he stated that he never did what people are claiming, and he willfully accepts the punishments and accountability of his words.

I didn’t respond previously because I didn’t want to interfere with the progress of the legal process, but I didn’t expect that my silence would lead to more intense attacks from those who are spreading rumors. I have reached my limit!

I have only seen Miss Du once, at a gathering with friends on December 5, 2020. I didn’t force her to drink, didn’t take away her phone, and none of the “details” she described ever happened. There were a lot of people at the gathering that will confirm this!

I’m very sorry to have caused inconvenience to everyone.

I declare, there has never been any so-called ‘selection of concubines!’ No ‘rape after seduction’, ‘rape using date rape drugs!’ No ‘minors!’ If there have been such actions, please don’t worry, I’ll go to prison myself! I take legal responsibility for my words!

— Kris Wu

However, Du Meizhu also released an interview with Netease, going into detail about the trauma that she faced while seeing Kris Wu.

July 22, 2021 — The Chinese police shares progress on the investigation of the case.

On the Chinese social media website Weibo, the police released a thorough statement detailing Kris Wu (referred to as his birth name Wu Yifan) and Du Meizhu’s relationship. The police shared that they “finished [their] preliminary investigations through tasks such interviewing the suspects, plaintiffs, witnesses, as well as obtaining documents and electronic evidence.” Here are the findings following their investigation.

Chinese Police Reveals Investigation On Kris Wu Vs. Du Meizhu, Claims Trickery, Blackmail, and Extortion

July 31, 2021 — Kris Wu gets detained by the police on suspicions of rape.

Following the initial reveal of the progress on the investigation, the Chinese police released an update on the matter by July 31 confirming that Kris Wu has been detained on suspicions of rape.

After police investigated the reports made online regarding ‘Wu Yi Fan tricking young girls into having sexual relations multiple times,’ Wu Yi Fan (Male, 30, Canadian) has been detained by the Chaoyang police on suspicions of rape. The case is currently ongoing.

— Chaoyang Police

August 1, 2021 — Chinese lawyers explain what the detainment means for Kris Wu.

In an interview with the Chinese media Sina, a Chinese lawyer Zhang Qi Huai weighed in on the case and explained what this detainment means for Kris Wu and his future. After explaining what it means to be detained by the police, the lawyer clarified that the fact that the Chaoyang Police has taken him into custody “signifies that the investigation has shown there’s evidence that a crime has been committed.”

Kris Wu’s Detainment: Here’s What It Means And What Will Happen To Him, According To Lawyers

August 2, 2021 — Kris Wu’s profile gets deleted across Chinese social media platforms.

Kris Wu and his label’s Weibo account got shut down due to “Complaints in violating the law and regulations and Weibo’s Community Convention.” Wu had over 51 million followers on the social media site and was his primary way of communicating with his supporters. Following this, Weibo had shut down many accounts that had shown support to Wu.

Other Chinese platforms to remove traces of Kris Wu include Douyin (TikTok), Toutiao Today, Baidu, TiebaTencent VideoiQIYI VideoCCTV VideoDouban, and Chaohua. His music has been erased from several music streaming platforms alongside his profiles, including NetEaseQQ MusicKugou Music, and Migu Music.

The only social media platforms where Kris Wu’s profiles have not been deleted are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, as the Chinese government does not control them.

August 8, 2021 — Another alleged underage rape victim surfaces from Los Angeles, California.

On August 8, a teenager from Los Angeles has come forward as an alleged sexual assault victim of Kris Wu. The teen shared her side of the story beginning with attending one of his drinking parties. She told her lawyer Jing Wang from Kingswood Law, California, that it is an open secret that he “selects concubines” among international students. She saw this firsthand when she was invited by Kris’ assistant to attend a gathering. Before the girls could enter the venue, they were required to turn in their phones to prevent photos and videos from being recorded.

Jing Wang’s team of lawyers is currently evaluating the Los Angeles teen’s situation. If it is determined that there is truth to her story, they will represent her in bringing a case against Kris. She is also willing to represent more victims in the court of law and encourages them to stand up bravely. Considering that Kris visited Los Angeles many times for fan meetings and promotions and was seen by fans at several Chinese restaurants, more girls may come forward.

August 16, 2021 — Kris Wu’s arrest gets approved by the Chinese prosecutors.

The Chaoyang Procurators’ Office announced on August 16, 2021 that Kris Wu has been approved for arrest. Kris had previously been accused of sexual assault by several different victims, including underage girls.

Procurators have reportedly approved his arrest after carrying out the investigation process according to the law.

【Beijing Chaoyang People’s Procuratorate approves the arrest of criminal suspect Wu Yi Fan in accordance with the law】On August 16, 2021, after carrying out the investigation process according to the law, Beijing Chaoyang People’s Procuratorate has approved the arrest of criminal suspect Wu Yi Fan on suspicion of rape.

— Chaoyang Procurators’ Office

Source: Weibo (1) and (2)

Kris Wu vs. Du Meizhu's Rape Case