Chinese Police Reveals Investigation On Kris Wu Vs. Du Meizhu, Claims Trickery, Blackmail, and Extortion

Her friend allegedly played a big role in the scheme.

Earlier this week, Kris Wu became embroiled in a scandal involving numerous underage girls. Du Meizhu accused the Chinese-Canadian artist of “grooming underage girls, predatory behavior, rape, threats, and harming girls.” In light of the ongoing situation, Kris Wu released a personal statement denying all of the allegations, but Du Meizhu has continued to release new information and accusations. As both sides threaten to take legal action, the police have officially released a statement regarding the ongoing scandal.

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On the Chinese social media website Weibo, the police released a thorough statement detailing Kris Wu (referred to as his birth name Wu Yifan) and Du Meizhu’s relationship. The police shared that they “finished [their] preliminary investigations through tasks such interviewing the suspects, plaintiffs, witnesses, as well as obtaining documents and electronic evidence.” Here are the findings following their investigation.

1. Regarding Wu Yifan (Kris Wu) and Du Meizhu’s relationship

According to the police statement, Wu’s manager allegedly enticed Du over to Wu’s home “using music video female lead selection as the reason,” where the two engaged in sexual relations. Following their evening together, the two continued to stay in touch through Wechat for about 4 months.

On December 5, 2020 at around 10pm, Feng (female, 28, Wu’s then-manager) arranged for Du (female, 18) to attend a gathering at the home of Wu (male, 30), using music video female lead selection as the reason. 10 or so people played games and drank until the next morning at around 7am. Other people at the party left one by one, while Du stayed at Wu’s home after drinking, and the two had sexual intercourse.

That afternoon, Du left on her own after having a meal at Wu’s home, and the two of them added each other on Wechat during this time. On December 8, Wu transferred 32,000 CNY ($4946 USD) to Du for online shopping. From then until April 2021, they kept in contact on Wechat.

— Police Statement

2. Regarding information spread online by Du Meizhu and others

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A few months following her meeting with Wu, Du and her close friend Liu (Female, 19) allegedly discussed different ways to publicize Du and Wu’s relationship “in order to gain popularity online.”

In June 2021, Du Meizhu and her close friend Liu (Female, 19) discussed releasing information about Wu’s relationship with Du in order to gain popularity online. On June 2, Liu used Weibo account “Liu Meili”  post about Du being psychologically abused by Wu.

From July 8 to 11, Du added three more posts. On July 13, online writer Xu (Male, 31), with profit in mind, contacted Du, and decided to have Xu write about 10 Weibo posts, including one about “a final battle”, and have Du post them starting on July 16.

— Police Statement

3. Regarding suspect Liu’s alleged fraudulent acts

It was revealed during the police report, however, that there was a third party involved when Wu’s mother began making claims that “she had been blackmailed by Du.” The police apprehended Liu (Male, 23) for posing as Du in an effort to “scam both parties by posing as a related party.”

On July 14, 2021, Chaoyang police received a report from Wu’s mother claiming that she has been blackmailed by Du. The police accepted the report that day and began investigations, which led to suspect Liu (Male, 23), who was arrested in Nantong, Jiangsu on July 18, 2021.

It was found that in June 2021, suspect Liu saw the online posts about Du and Wu, and came up with an idea to scam both parties by posing as a related party. During this time, Liu posed as a female who had been lied to while being in a relationship with Wu, in order to gain Du’s trust. He used a Wechat name of “DDX” to contact Du and received some information regarding Du and Wu’s relationship.

— Police Statement

The police statement continued with the exact details regarding the blackmailing scheme orchestrated by Liu, as he posed as “Du and contacted Wu’s lawyer for a settlement.”

On July 10, Liu used the information he obtained, posed as Du and contacted Wu’s lawyer to arrange for a 3,000,000 CNY ($463,640 USD) settlement. He also sent his and Du’s bank account information over to Wu’s lawyer. At the same time, Liu used a Wechat account with the name of “Beijing Fan Shi Culture & Media” and posed as Wu’s lawyer and settled with Du for 3,000,000 CNY($463,640 USD). Neither parties signed the settlement agreement.

On July 11, Wu’s mother transferred 500,000 CNY ($77,275 USD) to Du in two separate transactions. Afterwards, Liu, who hadn’t received any money, continued to pose as Du and asked Wu’s lawyer for the remaining 2,500,000 CNY ($386,375 USD.) Later, he posed as Wu’s lawyer also and asked Du to sign the settlement agreement, or else they would ask for the 500,000 CNY($77,275 USD) back. After Du agreed to return the money, Liu posed as Wu’s lawyer but gave his own Alipay bank account to Du, and Du transferred 180,000 CNY ($27,818 USD) to this account.

After Liu was arrested, he admitted to the charges of fraud. At this time, he’s in custody at the Chaoyang police station.

— Police Statement

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In regards to netizen’s reports of “Wu tricking multiple young girls into having sexual relations with him” and other claims spreading on the internet, the police is still investigating and will take action based on the laws and the investigation results.

Source: Weibo

Kris Wu vs. Du Meizhu's Rape Case