Kris Wu Appeals Rape Conviction In Beijing Court

The former idol appeared privately in court on July 25.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

In 2021, former K-Pop idol Kris Wu (also known as Wu Yi Fan) was accused of rape, sexual assault, and grooming and seeking out underage girls under false pretenses in a statement made by Chinese influencer Du Meizhu, which was uploaded along with screenshots of details provided by other women who identified themselves as victims of Wu.

Kris Wu

Kris Wu denied all allegations in a statement made in July 2021. Following an investigation according to the law, a request for Kris Wu’s arrest was approved by Beijing Chaoyang People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of rape.

【Beijing Chaoyang People’s Procuratorate approves the arrest of criminal suspect Wu Yi Fan in accordance with the law】On August 16, 2021, after carrying out the investigation process according to the law, Beijing Chaoyang People’s Procuratorate has approved the arrest of criminal suspect Wu Yi Fan on suspicion of rape.

— Chaoyang Procurators Office

Following a trial, the Beijing High People’s Court released explicit details of Kris Wu’s case and revealed that Wu was sentenced to a combined 13 years in prison plus deportation for rape and group licentiousness.

In the morning of November 25, 2022, Beijing Chaoyang People’s Court of First Instance came to a decision regarding the rape and group licentiousness case for defendant Kris Wu. For rape, defendant Kris Wu has been sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison plus deportation. For group licentiousness, he has been sentenced to 1 year and 10 months in prison. Combined, he’s sentenced to 13 years in prison plus deportation.

—  Beijing High People’s Court

Recently, multiple global media sources revealed that Kris Wu once again appeared in court in Beijing to appeal his conviction, meaning that he is challenging the verdict or judgment of his court case.

It has been reported that the court case was conducted in one day in order to keep proceedings out of the public eye to protect the privacy of the victims.

It has also been reported that the appeal verdict will be revealed on a later undisclosed date.

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Source: Variety and China Daily

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