Kris Wu’s Video Content Gets Deleted From Chinese Sites

The China Netcasting Service Association has spoken.

It has been reported on August 18, 2021, that Kris Wu‘s videos and other content online have been taken down. The China Netcasting Service Association (CNSA) announced that they are in support of their members including Youku, iQiyi and more in taking down his content. Thus far, over 1,900,000 short clips as well as over 7000 of his drama and movie clips have been deleted.

In a Q&A, CNSA addressed the matter. They announced that Tencent had terminated their collaboration with Kris and notified him immediately when the incident came to light. ot only that, Weibo has suspended his personal and studio (company) accounts.

Online streaming platforms such as Youku, iQiyi, and Tencent have removed works related to Wu Yi Fan. Tencent, who had a collaboration deal with Wu Yi Fan, immediately terminated the arrangement and notified him when the incident first came to light. Mango TV signed a “Letter of Commitment To Be An Ethical Next Generation Artist Through Self-Discipline” with more than 80 celebrities. Baidu has labelled Wu Yi Fan as “an unethical artist who broke the law“. Weibo has suspended Wu Yi Fan’s personal and studio’s accounts. According to the data our members sent to us, as at August 17, 10am, 1.9 million short clips and 7,000 shows have been taken care of. Currently, the work of reviewing and taking action on related shows are still ongoing. “Multiple platforms removed Wu Yi Fan’s work” quickly started trending on Weibo and generated a lot of buzz among users, leading to huge support from the public.



Kris Wu was previously accused of rape and sexual assault of several alleged victims, including minors. The Chaoyang Procurators Office has already approved his arrest. Read the full timeline of events below.

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Source: Star Today

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