Kris Wu Personally Denies All Accusations Of Sexual Harassment Against Minors While Du Meizhu Speaks Up About His Wrongdoings

He personally denied her claims.

Kris Wu has denied all accusations of sexual assault against minors that were made against him recently, but Du Meizhu continues to speak out.

Through a statement on his Weibo account, he stated that he never did what people are claiming, and he willfully accepts the punishments and accountability of his words.

I didn’t respond previously because I didn’t want to interfere with the progress of the legal process, but I didn’t expect that my silence would lead to more intense attacks from those who are spreading rumors. I have reached my limit!

I have only seen Miss Du once, at a gathering with friends on December 5, 2020. I didn’t force her to drink, didn’t take away her phone, and none of the “details” she described ever happened. There were a lot of people at the gathering that will confirm this!

I’m very sorry to have caused inconvenience to everyone.

I declare, there has never been any so-called ‘selection of concubines!’ No ‘rape after seduction’, ‘rape using date rape drugs!’ No ‘minors!’ If there have been such actions, please don’t worry, I’ll go to prison myself!! I take legal responsibility for my words above!!

— Kris Wu

Du Meizhu, the woman who is making the accusations against Kris Wu, shared an interview with the press about her experience in dating Kris Wu, sharing details about their private lives and how she came to meet him while she was 17 years old.

Q: You said you got drunk unwillingly, do you still remember what you drank and how much?

A: Western alcohol. I have a low alcohol tolerance level so I only had about two glasses.

Q: Do you usually drink alcohol?

A: I don’t. I don’t usually go to bars.

Q: Did you know that you’d see Wu Yi Fan there before you went?

A: I didn’t know. They only said it’s an interview, and they didn’t say it would be at night. Later on, due to various reasons, they picked me up really late at night. I got into the car, and when we were almost there, Wu’s manager then told me Wu himself was there.

Q: Are you his fan?

A: I must say this again, I’m not his fan. Honestly, before I had sexual relations with him, I never listened to any of his songs and didn’t really watch his variety shows or movies.

Q: What was the place you went to?

A: Wu’s home. At that time, besides him, there was a music producer, two girls who were the same age as me, his manager, and his older male cousin. I only knew I had to drink after arriving. It was about 9 pm when I arrived, and I was forced to play games and no one talked about work. I wanted to leave but the manager didn’t let me and even took my phone away. I only got it back after taking an opportunity to go to the washroom. I asked my friends for help and told them to come get me, but the manager found out and told me if I don’t have fun, Wu will be angry. He also said that Wu is influential in the entertainment industry, and since I’m learning performing arts and want to become an actor in the future, this would not be good for me, as I can get blacklisted easily if he tells the big platforms to do so. He even mentioned “The Golden Hairpin” and said that’s just a small project for Wu. He said Wu will have some amazing projects, and if I do well as the female lead in his MV, he can give me a role in an amazing drama, and even have his agency take me on as his artist. I couldn’t think straight at the time, I was only 17 years old. I was forced to go back to the living room and several people made me drink, including Wu. He said I left for too long so I have to drink two glasses of cocktail. I was too scared to fight back and lost consciousness shortly after. When I woke up, I was on Wu’s bed.

Q: What was your first reaction when you woke up?

A: I couldn’t think straight. I only came to believe what happened after staring at the ceiling and spacing out for a while. Wu was beside me and hadn’t woken up yet. I didn’t even know how to be angry at that time, I just didn’t know what to do. Wu never wears a condom, not only with me but also with others. At that time I just wanted to get dressed and run, but when I got out of the room, his older male cousin was sleeping in the living room. His cousin didn’t leave, and that was the only time, out of all the times Wu and I have been together, where his cousin didn’t leave. Having thought about it afterward, he was afraid I’d call the police after waking up. I went back to the bedroom and stood beside the bed for a while until he woke up. He asked why I was standing up and pulled me to lie in bed. I lost the ability to think at that point. He said he would be responsible and take care of me for the rest of my life and take me to meet his mom during New Year. He seemed very sincere. Different from his movies, at least he was the best actor that day.

Q: Were you two in frequent contact?

A: He only contacts me when he has time to come back to Beijing.

Q: When was the first time you got your phone taken away? Did you feel that you weren’t being trusted?

A: The first time I got my phone taken away was the day when I first drank, and then I wasn’t allowed to take my phone with me when I go to the bedroom. I thought that since he’s a celebrity, then of course there’s special treatment. Honestly, I reflected on a lot of things during this time. I think I had been brainwashed by fan culture. If he really loved me, there’s no way he would’ve taken my phone away.

Q: How do you two spend time together?

A: Watch TV and movies. We don’t usually go out. We just stay home and do nothing, chat, and I listen to his bullshit.

Q: Did he ever introduce his friends to you so you could become part of his circle?

A: Besides his staff, assistant, cousin, and some producers that have come over to his place when we were together, he didn’t really introduce anyone to me. He said he would give me resources for work, and said the same thing to other girls who he also lied to, but nothing ever happened.

Q: When did his attitude change?

A: March of this year. He didn’t respond to my messages, didn’t call me often, didn’t say good morning and good night every day. When I send him messages, he either never responded or just sent an emoji after a long time.

Q: Do you think you two were actually in a relationship?

A: I think so. That’s really all I can think.

Q: Do you think you understand Wu Yi Fan as a person now?

A: I guess you could say I understand him. Even to this day, I think he’s dumb, but at times it’s cute. He’s a mama’s boy, you know that feeling, right?

Q: Compared to your understanding of Wu Yi Fan previously, what’s the difference?

A: In public, Wu seems very cold, but when he was with me, he’s like a high school kid with low EQ.

Q: Did you ever think of dating a celebrity?

A: I won’t name anyone specific but yes. However, after this, I’ll never date another one. Celebrities are so different on stage and off stage, especially male celebrities. The way they depend on women, I can often feel how fake they are.

Q: What’s the difference between dating a normal person compared to dating a celebrity?

A: The difference is that dating a celebrity means that the person always trends on Weibo, and someone who is on TV can also be seen in real life. You can become a little bit narcissistic seeing that he has so many fans who like him and you mistakenly think that he only likes you. But of course, as you can see now, everything vanished like a bubble.

Q: Did anyone give you a warning about the risks of dating a celebrity?

A: Yes, and I knew even without anyone warning me, considering so many people said bad things about him before. But he seemed very honest in real life, and maybe even a bit dumb, and he said the people who said things about him just wanted to benefit from his popularity. I guess I believed it because this was my first serious relationship. Haha. How ironic.

Q: What’s your biggest takeaway from dating Wu Yi Fan?

A: The biggest takeaway is that I don’t want to be in a relationship ever again.

Source: Donga Ilbo

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