Kris Wu Detained By Police On Suspicions Of Rape

The police have provided an update on the investigation.

Beginning on July 8, Du Meizhu made several Weibo posts, claiming that she was tricked into attending a drinking party at Kris Wu‘s home. Wu’s then-manager claimed it was for the lead female role in an upcoming music video, which eventually led to her unwillingly having sex with Wu while drunk. She also revealed that several victims had contacted her, claiming to have similar experiences with Wu.

Wu promptly denied the accusations, saying, “If there have been such actions, please don’t worry, I’ll go to prison myself!! I take legal responsibility for my words above!!

Kris Wu | @kriswu/Instagram

The Chinese police revealed their initial investigation results on July 22, detailing the trickery, blackmail, and extortion involved. They have now released an update on the matter:

After police investigated the reports made online regarding ‘Wu Yi Fan tricking young girls into having sexual relations multiple times,’ Wu Yi Fan (Male, 30, Canadian) has been detained by the Chaoyang police on suspicions of rape. The case is currently ongoing.

— Chaoyang Police

| Chaoyang Police/Weibo
Source: Chaoyang Police Weibo

Kris Wu vs. Du Meizhu's Rape Case