China Tries To Take Credit For BTS’s GRAMMY Nomination And Their Billboard Hot 100 #1

If that weren’t enough, they also threaten the boys

On November 26th, The China Global Times released a statement regarding BTS‘s  recent GRAMMY nomination and it is causing an uproar.

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BTS was recently nominated for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards and it is generating a lot of positive attention online. Everyone, ARMY or not, were quick to congratulate the boy group for this monumental moment in K-Pop history. However, the congratulations were abruptly cut short when the Chinese media chimed in with their opinions. Here is what they had to say.

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The China Global Times came out with a statement revealing their thoughts on the Korean boy group. They stated that without Chinese ARMYs, BTS’s accomplishments would not be possible.

The only reason that BTS was nominated for the GRAMMY awards was thanks to Chinese ARMYs. It was with the money of Chinese ARMYs that BTS was able to place first on the Billboard Hot 100 as well.

— The China Global Times

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They didn’t stop there as they made a very firm statement on what would happen if BTS were to step on their toes again.

If they say anything that undermines China’s dignity again, there will be great consequences done to them. We hope they think before they speak the next time they have something to say.

— The China Global Times

Still of BTS accepting the Van Fleet Award | The Washington Post

Earlier this year, BTS received the Van Fleet Award, which recognizes those who positively contribute to the South Korea and the United States’ relationship. It was during their acceptance speech that they mentioned the 70th anniversary of the Korean War and the sacrifices that were made by the two nations. However, this speech greatly upset Chinese netizens as they felt their sacrifices during the war were not acknowledged. This speech has since started a disgruntlement from the Chinese media towards the BTS members.

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In other BTS related news, they set another astounding record with their 2021 GRAMMY Award nomination. Their mega sit song, “Dynamite” was nominated for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” causing netizens and fans to go wild with praise.

Source: Insight and Chosun