Chinese Actress Criticized For “Copying” The Work Of Artist Responsible For OH MY GIRL’s Album Cover

Is it inspiration or plagiarism?

Chinese actress and singer Zhao Lusi has recently become the target of backlash for her most recent career endeavor involving a cafe.

Chinese actress Zhao Lusi.

The stunning 22-year-old actress recently opened a cafe called Rosy Wylie and to share her excitement, she revealed an adorable sneak peek onto her Weibo account. The pastel colors and the cute designs worked well with one another, as they fit the aesthetics of the newly opened shop.

Zhao Lusi’s cafe | Weibo

Upon closer inspection, however, Korean netizens were quick to notice the similarities between her cafe window paintings and a K-Pop group’s previous album cover.

| Weibo

It didn’t take long before netizens realized that Zhao Lusi’s cafe illustrations were  reminiscent of OH MY GIRL‘s album art from their most recent extended play Dear OhMyGirl.

OH MY GIRL’s album cover | @slowslowyislow/Instagram

The similar colors, the animals, and the paint stroke styles were hard to ignore as netizens continued to research while comparing and the contrasting the two.

| WM Entertainment

After further investigation, it was revealed that the illustrations for OH MY GIRL’s album art were done by artist Yi Slow. Yi Slow is starting to become quite popular amongst the Korean public, as she is becoming well-known for her unique hand painted strokes and adorable animals, which can be seen all over her Instagram page.

Just a brief scroll-through is all it takes for anyone to recognize the distinct painting style that Yi Slow showcases in each of her illustrations.

After viewing Yi Slow’s previous works, it was hard not to notice the similarities between the artist’s original artwork and Zhao Lusi’s window illustrations. Netizens quickly began to call the actress out, commenting, “it’s not even plagiarism, she just took it and copied it onto her window”“it’s to the point where it’s weird that she [Zhao Lusi] didn’t buy any of the rights”, and “wow, she just took it from her [Yi Slow].”

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Zhao Lusi’s window paintings and OH MY GIRL’s album art….

Zhao Lusi’s cafe window (left), OH MY GIRL’s album (right).

…and a side-by-side comparison of Zhao Lusi’s cafe illustrations and Yi Slow’s paintings.

Zhao Lusi’s cafe window (left) and Yi Slow’s illustrations (right).

What do you all think, is it just mere inspiration or is it plagiarism?

Source: WikiTree