Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing Reveals Whereabouts After Completely Disappearing From The Public

Rumors claimed that she was arrested by Chinese authorities.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who’d reportedly disappeared from public life for 107 days, is currently living in seclusion at her home.


Fan Bingbing was previously accused of tax evasion and since her disappearance from the public including on SNS, many have feared that she may have been arrested by Chinese authorities.

She was last seen on July 1st at a children’s hospital and her Weibo account, which had 63 million followers, had been inactive since July 23rd.


After more than three months, Fan Bingbing briefly appeared on her Weibo account on her birthday on September 15. A birthday message that was automatically posted on the account was deleted shortly after it was posted.


Despite concerns about her disappearance, however, a media outlet has reported that Fan Bingbing safely returned to her home after being investigated for tax evasion accusations and is not allowed to release any statements or have contact with the outside world until the results of the investigations are out.

Source: Sports Khan, Independent and Time