Chinese College Student Stabs His Friend After Being Told He Farts And Snores Too Much

This guy had some serious issues with criticism.

A college student in Beijing stabbed his roommate because he told him to stop farting and snoring.


Lau was staying in a dorm with several other boys when one of them, Wong, asked him to move to another room because he farted and snored at night.


Lau smirked and said, “you just wait and see.” He balled the rage up until one day he attacked Wong in the middle of the night, while the rest of the boys were sleeping.

They woke up to Lau yelling, “I’m going to stab you to death!


When the lights were turned on, Lau, who was drenched in Wong’s blood, calmly went into the bathroom while the other boys tried to help Wong, who had cuts on his head, chest, and mouth. His eyes had also been so damaged that he was reportedly in danger of going blind.


Lau was arrested but didn’t show any fear or remorse, calmly saying “it’s not easy to kill someone“.


Wong claims it wasn’t an isolated incident – Lau had previously attacked a student with a beer bottle. He hopes his former roommate goes to jail.

“This guy (Lau) is really troublesome at night; he’d grind his teeth, fart, and snore. I hope he gets jailed for a few more years. He wasn’t going to let me live, and he wanted to die with me.” — Wong

Source: Dispatch and World of Buzz
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