Who Is He? Chinese Model Goes Viral For Looking Like The Hottest Cartoon Character In Korea Right Now

It’s an uncanny resemblance.

With the release of the 2022 film The First Slam Dunk, the popularity of the iconic 90s Japanese manga Slam Dunk has reemerged—and Korean netizens are buzzing about a model who looks exactly like the main character.

Slam Dunk is a manga turned anime television series that was and continues to be loved by fans all over the world. It tells the story of a high school basketball team in Japan with the protagonist being Hanamichi Sakuragi, or in the Korean translation version, Kang Baek Ho.

Kang Baek Ho, who plays as a power forward for his high school basketball team, is known for his bright red buzz cut—a hairstyle he developed when he shaved his head in a vow that his team will never lose again. He also has dark eyebrows, a chiseled face, and an athletic build.

With the resurging popularity of Slam Dunk, Chinese model ZEL is going viral for being the real-life version of the anime character. His Instagram photos have caught the attention of Korean netizens and is being shared on social media for his uncanny resemblance to Kang Baek Ho.

ZEL | Instagram @zelzelzelzel

With no smile and a slight sense of mysteriousness, he has similar dark eyebrows, the notorious buzz cut, and even a similar face expression.

Take a look at more pictures of him.

ZEL | @zelzelzelzel/Instagram

ZEL | @zelzelzelzel/Instagram

ZEL | @zelzelzelzel/Instagram

ZEL | @zelzelzelzel/Instagram

ZEL | @zelzelzelzel/Instagram

ZEL | @zelzelzelzel/Instagram

Korean netizens expressed their fascination at how similar ZEL is to the character—and also how handsome he is.

| theqoo

  • “I guess I like Baek Ho”
  • “What that’s crazy”
  • “Oh my, my type”
  • Oppa… Wow he’s the most handsome Chinese guy I’ve ever seen forreal”
  • Wow his face is perfect damn”
  • “Wow I can’t… but he really looks like a CG”
  • “Some pictures look like Lee Min Ki”
  • “I came in saying no way but I’m leaving admitting it’s true”
  • “Wow so f*cking handsome”
  • “Please dye your hair red”

Do you see the resemblance?

Source: Instagram, theqoo and Naver

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