Chinese Netizens Call For Boycott Of ENHYPEN For Using The Korean Term For “Lunar New Year” Instead Of “Chinese New Year”

Korean netizens fight back.

Chinese netizens were recently enraged due to the subtitles in ENHYPEN‘s congratulatory video for the Lunar New Year. KBS News reported that the group had used the English subtitles “2024 Seollal is upon us” in the video. The Lunar New Year is called “Seollal” in South Korea. The dates for the Lunar New Year are the same globally. Although the Western world was once used to referring to the holiday as “Chinese New Year,” as time passed, more are using the more neutral “Lunar New Year” instead.

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Chinese netizens took issue with the matter and called for a boycott of the group. They harshly criticized the subtitles for using the term “Seollal.”

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Chinese netizen comments. | KBS News
  • This is so disappointing. Everyone should leave the fandom.
  • This is too much. Already left the fandom.
  • So disappoitning. Boycott.

The matter is a rather serious one in China, and it is wider than K-Pop and ENHYPEN. They even began trending the hashtags “Korea stole Chinese New Year,” “Korea stole the country,” “Korea stole culture” and more. This came with complaints that an Asian cuisine restaurant overseas had posted “Korean New Year Celebrations” with a special Korean menu. Furthermore, although the White House has celebrated Lunar New Year consistently with overt Chinese themes such as lion dancing, in 2024, they left out such elements. Hanboks could also be seen in the crowd, worn by guests.

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Chinese netizen’s post complaining about the restaurant. | KBS News

Korean netizens are equally as incensed. To Koreans, Seollal has always been “Seollal.” As ENHYPEN is a Korean group, they did not see any need for the day to be called anything else.

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Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • What are they saying?
  • LOL, if you look at the YouTube comments, the foreign dans are all saying “happy Seollal.” Stop being jealous of us.
  • Yeah, it’s Seollal.
  • These jjangkaes are acting up.
  • You call Seollal, “Seollal.” What else would you call it?
  • Bulls*it LOL.
  • You call Seollal, “Seollal.” What else would you call it?

HYBE has not addressed the matter.

Source: theqoo


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