Officials From Chinese Embassy To South Korea Deny News Reports Of Bans On Imports Of BTS Goods To China

They refute netizen claims about the ban.

Previously, JTBC News had conducted an investigation with regards to the rumors of BTS products and goods being banned from import into China. The rumors started due to the tension between Chinese netizens and BTS, due to their speech for the Van Fleet Award.

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Jang Ha Sung, an official at the embassy, announced on 21 October 2020 that he had met up with a Chinese high-ranking official. They had met to talk about the issue at hand, after the issue of rumored import bans appeared in the news. Officials have since been working to investigate and confirm the various press content.

Jang Ha Sung | Financial News

He had confirmed with the Chinese officials that there had been no official ban imposed on the import of BTS related goods and products. Jang Ha Sung also shared that Chinese shipping companies had not stopped the delivery and import of BTS goods.

It seems that the original forwarding company that circulated the rumors on Weibo, also had their post taken down.

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The original post by the China-Korea goods forwarding service company stated that they would not be able to take deliveries for BTS related goods.

Original post by a forwarding service company. | Weibo

Officials have stated that they will be taking appropriate action with regards to the matter. BigHit Entertainment has yet to speak on the issue. On the other hand, international ARMYs have been sending support to C-ARMYs affected by the tensions.

Source: Financial News