A Quiz Show In China Is Claiming That The Korean Flag Is Chinese

They say a Chinese diplomat made it.

China and South Korea continue to have their relations challenged as yet, another controversy has found itself in the headlines.

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The controversy arose in a Chinese quiz show, where the question, “who is the Chinese diplomat who created the Korean flag?” was asked. To this question, the male contestant answered “Ma Geon Chung”. While this is not the correct answer, the controversy arose when the hosts informed the contestant that he indeed, gave the correct answer. By saying that he was correct, they are claiming that the Korean flag was created by a Chinese diplomat and that the Korean flag is Chinese, which are both false.

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This news comes out in the midst of numerous claims made by China, as they continue to assert ownership over known Korean traditions. China has previously tried to claim that the traditional Korean garment hanbok is also Chinese. They declare that it originates from China and their media stated that since its origins are in their country, then it must mean that the hanbok is Chinese.

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The Chinese media has also previously declared that the widely known Korean dish, kimchi is Chinese as well. Chinese netizens have been claiming the fermented dish as their own since it’s their country that manufactures most of the kimchi eaten in South Korea.

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Meanwhile, Ma Geon Chung, a Chinese diplomat who was active during the Qing Dynasty suggested that a modified design of the Qing Dynasty flag be used for the Korean Empire at the time. King Gojung of the Korean Empire, however, rejected the design and instead, came up with the taegukgi design that we know and love to this day. The taegukgi design has since been used as the national flag of the Republic of Korea.

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Source: Kukmin Ilbo and The Guardian
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