Chinese Show Copies Red Velvet’s “Happiness” Music Video

Chinese variety show Happy Camp is under fire for allegedly stealing its opening credits from Red Velvet’s “Happiness” Music Video.

The show apparently borrows several scenes from the MV with only minor changes.


Red Velvet fans have shown their annoyance at the intro sequence and its striking similarity to the Red Velvet song.

Earlier this year, the Chinese Government enacted a Hallyu ban, preventing any South Korean content to be aired in the country but that hasn’t stopped shows looking to recreate South Korean content.

Similarly, other K-Pop groups have also been mimicked in this way, as a Chinese group borrowed VIXX’s performance earlier this year.

Chinese Group TVBOYS Plagiarizes VIXX’s Entire Performance

And have plans to recreate Produce 101…

China’s New Trainee Idol Show Looks Exactly Like Produce 101

Although it should be remembered that these cases are not always stealing; on many occasions, the company buys the rights to recreate the shows.

But in any case, mimicry is still the highest form of flattery.

Check out the full intro for Happy Camp below.