Who Is She? The Chinese Supermodel With Legs So Long, They’re Equivalent To The Height Of A Child

Here’s where she is now.

A Chinese woman made headlines in South Korea and around the world with her incredible physique as soon as she began working as a model.

Dong Lei | Weibo

Meet Dong Lei, a Chinese supermodel who has some of the longest legs around. She stands at 5’11” with legs that measure a whopping 45 inches (3.75 feet long).

The 25-year old model from Anhui, China, entered the public eye in 2015 when she joined the local TV show Supermodel. She earned the nickname “Tui Tui” (“long legs”) alongside endless praise from the judges and viewers alike for her eye-catching figure.

She attributes her tall stature to her genetics. Her father stands at 6’1″ while her mother is 5’7″.

With legs that are similar to the average height of a seven year old girl, it’s no surprise that she gained widespread attention. She even received tips from fans to have her legs insured following her virality.

Not much is known about Dong Lei’s current whereabouts, however, it is presumed that she is still active in the modelling scene. In an interview with Ruptly, she shared her conviction to become a supermodel who is recognized on a global scale.

I’m so proud of my legs and I’m so excited to join the model show. I will be a top model in the world.

— Dong Lei

Her legs—which make up around 60% of her body—help her stand out in both print issues and on the runway.

The record for the woman with the longest legs in the world belongs to Texan Maci Currin with legs that are almost 4.5 feet long.

Maci Currin | MEGA

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Meet Dong Lei, A Chinese Model With The Longest Legs You’ve Ever Seen

Source: Ruptly