Chinese version of Infinite Challenge to debut soon?

It has been rumored recently that Chinese broadcasting stations are in production of their own version of Infinite Challenge. Due to the confusion this rumor may bring, MBC has officially made their statement on this matter.

On March 18th, at a production presentation being held in Jin Jiang Tower in Shanghai, MBC’s representatives are to be present to announce Infinite Challenge‘s Chinese expansion.

MBC and the three Chinese companies, CCTV, Starry Production, and the creators of Voice of China, will be cooperating in order to produce the first season of the Chinese version of Infinite Challenge.

As mentioned earlier, this official statement will be made due to confusion in China over the creation of the program by the Chinese broadcast companies.

The collaboration between MBC and CCTV for Infinite Challenge will be their first ever, with the staff of Korean Infinite Challenge will travel to China in an attempt to help the Chinese production staff. The are twelve episodes planned for the collaboration which will be aired during China’s prime broadcasting time, 8 PM on Sunday evenings.

Source: OSEN