Footballer “No.9” Cho Gue Sung Is Facing Heavy Criticism

“Gue Sung hyung, what the hell was that?”

Viral Korean footballer Cho Gue Sung is receiving heavy criticism.

Cho Gue Sung

Recently, Korea played Jordan in the 2024 Asian Cup. Despite being handedly favored to win, Korea barely scrapes by with a 2-2 tie.

Korean national team in their match against Jordan | K League United

Cho Gue Sung, who started as center-forward for the Koreans, continued his goal-less drought, missing several opportunities to score against the Jordanians. Eventually, the star player was benched in favor of Celtic F.C.’s Oh Hyun Kyu in the 79 minute of the game.

Oh Hyun Kyu

Netizens criticized the player, with many expressing their disappointment in Cho Gue Sung’s recent form.

  • His attitude is really poor for a national team player representing the country, and his skills are not up to par.
  • You don’t even watch football.
  • I understand both of your points, but let’s not criticize him. Criticism is not the answer.
  • Gue Sung hyung, what the hell was that?
  • I think he is simply lacking in quality. He’s one of the more overrated players. Park Yong Woo, Lee Ki Jae, and Cho Gue Sung are three players that are lacking skills. But I guess the coach who rates them is even worse.
  • I miss Hee Chan hyung.

Korean football fans’ disappointment with the player goes back months, starting from the player’s stunning rejection of Scottish Premiership giants Celtic F.C. and then coach Ange Postecoglou in favor of lesser-known Danish club Midtjylland. Cho Gue Sung has since scored 9 games in 16  matches for the Superligaen side.


Source: wikitree