Curious To Know What Chocolate Fried Chicken Tastes Like? — Here’s Are The Honest Reviews Of The “Sixth Sense” Cast

Their opinions were very divided.

The cast of tvN‘s The Sixth Sense just tried out chocolate fried chicken, and the shock factor of it all has made it go viral online.

On their hunt to find out which chicken restaurants were real and which chicken restaurants were fake, the cast visited one that made chocolate fried chicken.

The dish is called “Crazy Choco Chicken”, and according to the owner, it’s the kind of flavor that you can try 3 times, but any more after that becomes a bit much.

Just the look of it alone shocked the cast.

It looks like ox blood.

— Yoo Jae Suk and Oh Na Ra

And in terms of taste, the cast had divided opinions.

Mijoo described,

At first, it tastes sweet like a donut, but then once you bite into it, you realize it’s chicken, finishing off with a spicy flavor.

— Mijoo

As for Jeon So Min, she actually liked it.

You know how you order something with lots of calories after you drink? I feel like I’d order this. It’s addictive in a way.

— Jeon So Min

On the other hand, Oh Na Ra and Kim Min Seok were not fans.

It’s so sweet that my head hurts.

— Oh Na Ra

It’s just a really confusing flavor.

— Kim Min Seok

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Suk expressed,

The owner was right when he said you end up pushing it away after 3 bites. It definitely gets mixed reactions.

— Yoo Jae Suk

What even more surprising is the fact that this chocolate fried chicken actually exists in real life.

This has netizens expressing their shock with comments such as “It actually exists?”, “Seriously?“, “The owner is so funny“, and “I kind of want to go there now“.

Check out the full review below:

Source: Dispatch