Late Actress Choi Jin Sil’s Daughter Goes Viral For Her Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Here are her before and after photos!

Late actress Choi Jin Sil‘s daughter Choi Jun Hee recently gained attention from netizens for her a weight loss transformation video she posted on social media.

Starting with her “before” photos, she shared some photos of herself originally in the 86 kg to 67 kg range (190 lbs to 147 lbs).

After losing weight, she’s now in the 58 kg to 55 kg range (127 lbs to 121 lbs).

She showed off her slim and fit physique in a variety of gym selfies…

…and adorable posed photos!

With her new look, she radiates confidence!

Check out her full transformation video below.

Source: @1_6_9._9/Instagram