Police Discover Choi Jonghoon Tried To Bribe Policemen With $9,000 After Being Arrested For DUI

It was a much larger sum than originally reported.

Choi Jonghoon, a former member of FT ISLAND, is currently being investigated for the Seungri Scandal, where he was also booked for bribing the policemen after being caught drunk driving.

Original reports said that the arresting police officer claimed he offered 2 million won (~$1,800 USD) as soon as he was arrested. After more investigating, reports claimed he offered 5 million won (~$4,400 USD).

It appears both reports were wrong as the special investigative team in charge of the Seungri Scandal found Choi Jonghoon’s chats where he revealed that he offered them a much larger sum. He first stated how painful handcuffs are before he revealed that he offered the policemen 10 million won (~$9,000 USD) to let him go.

With the new contradicting evidence, the police are currently digging for more evidence to find out the true amount that Choi Jonghoon tried to use in bribing the policemen.

Source: Sports Chosun

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