Choi Jonghoon Additionally Booked For Filming Hidden Camera Videos

He filmed the video without consent.

Former FTISLAND member, Choi Jonghoon, has additionally been booked for filming illegal hidden camera videos in addition to distributing them in group chatrooms.

On April 1, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Investigation Team held a conference and revealed that Choi Jonghoon was additionally booked for violating the Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence (illegal filming using cameras).


Choi distributed 6 videos in total (1 video, which he filmed without consent, and 5 other illegally-filmed videos he received from other people) through group chatrooms.

While the police had initially booked Choi for distribution of pornography according to the Information and Communication Network Act, it was revealed during the investigation that Choi had directly filmed one of the illegal hidden camera videos and he has, therefore, additionally been charged with violation of the Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence.


Choi Jonghoon was one of the 8 members in Seungri and Jung Joon Young‘s first group chatroom that was revealed. He had also tried to bribe a policeman after getting caught driving under the influence.

After news of his involvement in Seungri’s Scandal, he announced his retirement from the entertainment industry and left FTISLAND.

Source: News1

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