Choi Yujin Personally Confirms CLC Has All But Disbanded

She made the announcement on broadcast.

During a segment spotlighting her time as an idol on Girls Planet 999, Choi Yujin confirmed CLC has all but disbanded.

On the latest episode of Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999, a segment was aired spotlighting her career, but during her talk portion, she teared up as she talked about CLC’s disbandment.

The company said the team (CLC) would not have any more activities.

I really gave my all to CLC. Our concept was mainly a tough girl style, so I felt like I was invisible on stage.

I still want to sing. So through this show, I want to show off my charms and different sides of myself. And I know I can do it.

— Choi Yujin

Naturally, CLC fans are in shock and disbelief as the announcement comes through Yujin on a television program and not from Cube Entertainment themselves.

Choi Yujin is currently the 6th ranked Korean trainee and part of the Planet Top 9. Watch the full clip below.


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