What Has Choo Sarang Been Up To? “Grand Zaddy” Choo Sung Hoon Updates Fans On His Daughter’s Past Trauma

She’s getting better!

In the latest episode of Knowing BrosPhysical: 100 star Choo Sung Hoon (also known by his Japanese name Yoshihiro Akiyama) shared with the viewers a much-needed update on his superstar daughter, Choo Sarang!

Choo Sung Hoon | @akiyamachoo/Instagram

According to “Grand Zaddy” Choo, Sarang is about to enter her teenage era. Pointing out that she’ll “start middle school soon,” Choo said Sarang has “grown up so fast.”

Yeah, she has grown up so fast. She’s 12 years old already. She’s still in elementary school, but she’ll be starting middle school soon. She’s a big girl now. She takes after her mother, so she has the longest limbs.

— Choo Sung Hoon

Choo also revealed that, in the past, Sarang didn’t quite understand her own fame.

Baby Sarang (20 months old) on “The Return of Superman” back in 2013. | KBS

When strangers would recognize her from The Return of Superman, a show that became a national hit after Baby Sarang stole viewer hearts with her adorable looks and aegyo-filled personality, Sarang would feel stressed and even “traumatized.”

Seo Jang Hoon: Does Sarang know how popular she is in Korea?

Choo Sung Hoon: She’s starting to understand it now. At first, she dealt with a bit of trauma. She got stressed about strangers crowding her all the time.

Kim Hee Chul: Oh, because she doesn’t understand how those people know her?

Choo Sung Hoon: Yeah, she would get scared at people approaching her and stuff.

Choo added, though, that as of late—with Sarang getting older and Choo explaining things better—Sarang has accepted the love and attention given to her!

Choo Sarang | @choosarang_official/Instagram

But we’ve been explaining it to her. We told her that she became popular because she used to be on the show and so on. We tried to tell her that people approach her because she was and still is adored. Since then, she has been doing much better with interacting with her fans!

— Choo Sung Hoon

Watch the full clip below!

Source: Insight