Chungha Reveals How “Bicycle” Came To Be Her Title Track For “Querencia” And The Song-Writing Process

She revealed it in an exclusive press conference.

Soloist Chungha recently held a showcase for her upcoming comeback, Querencia. Koreaboo was invited to the media-only showcase featuring her title track, “Bicycle”, as well as a quick Q&A with the star herself.

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On the topic of how she chose the title track, “Bicycle”, Chungha revealed that she had no clue the song would be her title track. Upon first hearing the song, she “couldn’t imagine that this song would be chosen as a title track,” and that all she thought of was that the song was a really new vibe.

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Chungha suggested that the track be promoted as a B-side but the company pushed for it to be her title track instead. Chungha also revealed that she had participated in the lyrics writing for the song. She shared, “As much as I am not used to lyrics-writing, it was more fun because of that. When I first heard the demo, the lyrics were so different but I thought of the story that the song conveys now. So I think I focused more on how to best capture that story when I wrote the lyrics.

“Bicycle” is a song with strong guitar beats and is a sweet mix of R&B and trap-pop. The song will be released officially at 5pm KST on February 15, 2021.

| M&H Entertainment