Chungha Reveals How Hard She Worked For “Bicycle” And Her Thoughts After Recovering from COVID

All her hard work paid off.

Soloist Chungha recently held a showcase for her upcoming comeback, Querencia. Koreaboo was invited to the media-only showcase featuring her title track, “Bicycle”, as well as a quick Q&A with the star herself.

Chungha revealed that the practice for her new performance took a toll on her, sharing, “After practicing in a long time, I felt the taste of blood in my throat. It’s like how if you run for a long time, you feel the taste of blood in your throat, right? I tried many new challenges and I worked hard (for the performance) to appear hard-hitting but not in an obvious way. I will show you guys a bold and confident side of myself.

| MNH Entertainment

She also revealed how she felt after having recovered from covid. Chungha shared that there were many people that worked behind the scenes to being Querencia to life, giving her motivation to win first place with it. She revealed, “While I was under quarantine for covid, I thought that I had been overlooking many things I should be grateful for around me. Even through this album alone, I have gained so much. I hope that promotions will end with all the staff being healthy.

| MNH Entertainment

What a sweet celebrity! “Bicycle” is a song with strong guitar beats and is a sweet mix of R&B and trap-pop. The song will be released officially at 5pm KST on February 15, 2021.