Chungha Revealed To Be Fostering A Puppy That She Saved From Devastating Circumstances

Poor baby!

Chungha recently introduced the adorable puppy she’s been fostering on her YouTube channel.

The video showed behind-the-scenes content of Chungha’s promotion of “Bicycle”, and she also shared the story of her foster puppy, Aran, and where she came from.


According to Chungha, it hasn’t been long since she brought Aran home from a puppy mill.


Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding facilities that are often under criticism for exploiting dogs and quick-breeding them in poor conditions.

And Chungha revealed that Aran came from similar conditions.

I found out at the veterinary clinic that she’s around 2 to 3 years old, and she won’t grow any bigger. She was there was a breeding dog, but she was too small to crossbreed. So she had nowhere to go.

— Chungha

Luckily, Chungha brought the puppy home to foster, saving it from the uncertain fate she would’ve faced otherwise.

| @CHUNGHA_MNHent/Twitter

While many are astonished that a puppy mill tried to use such a small puppy to breed, they’re also praising Chungha for saving the poor thing and giving it a chance at a better life.

| @chungha_official/Instagram

Check out the full vlog featuring Aran below:

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