Chungha Reveals The Detrimental Side Effects Of Being Born With A Small Heart And Weak Health

Chungha’s health is suffering.

Chungha recently appeared on KBS Joy‘s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller where she opened up about her concerns regarding her own health.



Chungha, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year, shared what her experience was like.

At first, I received a negative result, so I felt relieved. But I got a call the next day from my agency telling me I tested positive. I only found out when I read the articles. I had no symptoms.

— Chungha

On that note, Chungha confessed that she’s actually very concerned when it comes to her health.

She shared that she received an examination when she suddenly fainted during her activities for “Gotta Go”, and that that’s how she found out about her overall condition.

I suddenly fainted during ‘Gotta Go.’ When I had my examination, the doctor told me I was born with a heart that’s smaller than average. I was also born with a weaker body and sensitive eyes.

— Chungha

According to Chungha, her sensitive eyes led to another fainting incident.

After performing outside in the sun, I threw up and passed out.

— Chungha

Due to her health, Chungha had no choice but to postpone the release of her album which is set to come out this year, but she revealed that due to her concerns about her health, she hasn’t been sleeping.

I only sleep two hours a night.

— Chungha

While Chungha is aware that she should take care of her health, she confessed that her anxiousness keeps her from getting the rest she needs.

I was in 10 music videos last year. Since we can’t perform or do concerts, all I can do is show them videos. So I want to stay healthy, but my anxiousness makes it hard for me to give up on the lessons I’ve been taking for my new album release.

— Chungha


And the saddest part of all from Chungha’s perspective is the fact that she knows health comes first, but acting upon it is not so easy.

After getting sick and having others around me get sick, I know you can’t do anything when you’re sick. So I know I should take a break, but I can’t seem to do that.

— Chungha

Watch Chungha’s full confession below:

Source: Dispatch