Singers Chungha And Kim Woo Seok Confess That They Don’t Eat Dinner Before Their Stages

How do they do this?!

Solo artist Chungha and UP10TION member Kim Woo Seok recently made a shocking confession on a radio show.

Chungha (left), Kim Woo Suk (right) | SBS Power FM

On February 25th, SBS Power FM‘s Lee Joon’s Youngstreet featured Chungha and Kim Woo Seok as guests. During their time on the show, they revealed some interesting information with the radio host, Lee Joon when asked, “tell us something that’s TMI.” Chungha responded with,

I don’t eat dinner.

— Chungha

Surprisingly enough, Kim Woo Seok agreed with her and said,

I don’t eat dinner either.

— Kim Woo Seok

Chungha | LENS TOWN

Lee Joon naturally assumed it was due to their busy schedules, but it actually wasn’t because of that reason. He asked the two artists, “why don’t you eat dinner?” This is what they had to say.

If I stand on stage with a full stomach, I get uncomfortable. That is why. It’s not because my manager doesn’t get me food. I just don’t eat it.

— Chungha

Kim Woo Seok agreed with Chungha on this statement as well, while continuing to elaborate his answer.

I agree. I will order food for the backup dancers, but I won’t eat any myself.

— Kim Woo Seok

Kim Woo Seok | DAZED

Lee Joon cracked up the studio with his thoughts on the situation.

I guess everyone’s preferences are different. I’m the type that can’t do anything if I’m hungry.

— Lee Joon

We are with Lee Joon on this one. The dedication that Chungha and Kim Woo Seok have for their performances, however, are unreal. Thank you for sharing your TMI information with your fans and the listeners!

Source: Nate