Fans Criticize MNH Employee For Illegally Selling Exclusive Polaroids Of Chungha

The employee took the Polaroids themselves.

An unnamed MNH employee recently came under fire after it was found that they had been unauthorizedly selling exclusive polaroids of Chungha. The employee remains unnamed as they had sold these polaroids to a fan, who then attempted to resell these polaroids.

Another fan who goes by the nickname “Leejyu” (@ppojyu_ch on Twitter) found the polaroids on sale on a used goods marketplace. They decided to chat up the seller to find out the truth.

The seller claimed that the photos were “taken firsthand.

Screenshots of chat with seller. | @ppyojyu_ch/Twitter

A closer look at the polaroids showed that they were taken at various occasions including behind-the-scenes at photoshoots, music video filming, and more. There was no way that these could be taken by someone who was not a staff.

Screenshots of chat with seller. | @ppyojyu_ch/Twitter

Leejyu began to question the seller, posing as a potential buyer.

Screenshots of chat with seller. | @ppyojyu_ch/Twitter
  • Leejyu: Did you take these photos on site directly? Are you a staff?
  • Seller: The staff member was my acquaintance. If you look carefully, there are photos taken on site at M!Countdown, or shooting for the MV and album jacket, etc.
  • Leejyu: Does the staff know that you are selling these, and is there no issue with this?
  • Seller: These Polaroids were purchased by me. There’s no issue with me reselling them.
Screenshots of chat with seller. | @ppyojyu_ch/Twitter
  • Leejyu: You bought these polaroids from a staff?
  • Seller: Yes.
  • Leejyu: I asked about this because there’s a fan online that’s selling these polaroids, and they’re not from any event or anything. Thanks for the reply. Can I share the above replies with other fans?
  • Seller: Yes. I used to be a Byulharang too, so I bought them. It doesn’t matter if you share the replies, but if you’re in doubt, I recommend you not to buy these.

Another fan (Chunghasale) who discovered this listing tried to sell them on Twitter and Instagram as a middleman. Other fans have called out Chunghasale for enticing the above seller with a “better deal” by creating a group order sale to international fans.

Fans are rightfully angered at the matter, claiming that the staff violated her privacy and more.

This comes at a terrible time, given that Chungha has recently left MNH, signing with More Vision.

While Chungha is safely out of MNH, fans continue to be angry at the company for disrespecting her.