Chungha Has Been Receiving Psychological Counseling For A Year Because Of COVID-19

“I felt like it was all my fault…”

On a recent episode of tvN‘s On & Off, Chungha received a house visit by a psychological counselor.

And to start off the session, the counselor brought up the topic of COVID-19, which Chungha tested positive for last year.

Didn’t you have a hard time because of COVID-19? How are you doing now?

— Counselor

In response, Chungha confessed honestly about the guilt she’s been feeling as a result of contracting COVID-19.

I think I was the first celebrity to be on the news for having COVID-19. I felt like it was all my fault. Everyone attended the schedule because of me, and if it wasn’t written on in the news, we would’ve suffered less. I was upset because those around me were being talked about negatively because of a public figure like me, and that made me feel very upset.

— Chungha

As a result, Chungha even prayed and hoped that she would be the last celebrity to contract COVID-19 because she had so many connections in the industry.

Regarding the counseling, Chunha confessed that due to her internal struggles, she’s been seeing a counselor for a year.

I started receiving counseling because I thought it would help me resolve these feelings of frustration and ambiguity. I personally don’t have a negative view on counseling. I could take medications too, but I wanted to look into my mind, so I’ve been receiving counseling for a year now.

— Chungha

And luckily, Chungha shared that she’s gotten a lot better as a result!

While taking a break that I didn’t want, I started to realize what I hadn’t noticed about myself before and what I really like.

— Chungha

Let’s hope Chungha fully recovers and continues to take care of her health!

Source: Insight