Chungha Sheds Tears And Reveals The Time She Almost Quit Her Music Career

It was a cry fest after her confession.

On December 9th, the first episode of the highly anticipated show, Running Girls aired and the girls didn’t disappoint.

The show’s premise is entirely based on following different running courses within South Korea with the show’s five stars, SunmiChunghaEXID‘s HaniLOONA‘s Chuu and Oh My Girl‘s Yooa. The five girls will run along some of South Korea’s beautiful and natural running courses with the hopes of them bonding with one another during their time.

After their first run together at the Seosan Shinchang Reservoir, the five ladies went back to their dorms where they were able to chat about their experience. It was here that Chungha and Hani shared some deep thoughts.

People always told me that I have a lot of time. I thought that if I had a lot of thoughts, I would be relaxed. I’ve lived my life without ever thinking about the word ‘recharge’.

— Chungha

After this, Hani revealed that she agreed with Chungha and elaborated on her thoughts.

At some point, I realized that relaxation is a symbol of laziness so I thought ‘maybe I shouldn’t have it.’ I became obsessed with thought of running and honestly, I thought I could die at some point.

— Hani

It was to Hani’s mention of her health that Chungha responded with a honest but heartbreaking confession, making the rest of the girls cry.

Whenever I thought about my health or whenever I thought that my situation was bad, I wanted to give up music. However, I couldn’t because the only thing that kept me going was my music and the only thing that let me go was music.

— Chungha

| MNH Entertainment

While we are grateful Chungha didn’t give up her music, we hope that she doesn’t feel this way anymore. Be sure to catch up with the five girls on Mnet‘s show, Running Girls every Wednesday.

Source: Nate