Chungha’s Most “Savage” Relationship Advice To LACHICHA’s Gabee

“Why would a normal person…?”

Soloist Chungha is slowly making her way back to the limelight after a long break, and that includes her appearance on entertainment programs. The singer was recently spotted on LACHICA dance crew member Gabee’s variety show Gabee’s Rising Star, where she appeared as a guest.

Gabee (left) with Chungha (right) | @GABEEGIRL/YouTube

Gabee and Chungha’s friendship goes way back since they attended the same dance academy years before the latter became a famous idol. The duo showcased their natural chemistry during the episode while chatting about various topics, including the lesser-known sides of the “Gotta Go” singer.


Gabee praised Chungha for always being careful with her words, jokingly contrasting it with her tendency to speak with no filters. But the singer felt that despite Gabee’s words being “rude,” she says without any ill intent, and so it only makes her real personality more likable to people.

On the other hand, Chungha said that she could “embrace ill intent” if she wanted to, and that’s why she is careful. Gabee, laughing at her implication, made it clear that Chungha is actually quite “savage” when it comes to her real personality.

Chungha said she gets the most “savage” when people take others for granted. One of her most savage moments, the singer recalled, was when her dancers were put in a risky situation while filming something with her. Gabee remembered the situation, too, saying that the dancers had accepted their fate, but it was so unacceptable to Chungha that she got furious and upset.

The dancers were thankful for the way Chungha looked out for them, but she regretted that she didn’t intervene enough to stop the filming. In fact, she got so upset over having to continue the shoot in such risky conditions that she cried all alone.

Gabee then recalled another “savage” moment of Chungha that made the entire studio break into a laugh. The dancer mentioned that she used to discuss her relationship problems with Chungha while she was dating her ex-boyfriend.

When Gabee told her that her ex was “acting strange,” Chungha responded, “Unnie, you’re strange too…why would a normal person date you?” Gabee liked that remark so much that she ended up self-reflecting, agreeing with the singer in the end.

While the idol Chungha is extra careful about what she says, fans are also loving this unfiltered girl-next-door Chungha in all her “savage” glory. With this new chapter of her career with a new label, we might get even more glimpses of this new side of her real personality!

You can watch the whole episode here: