Chungha Vents About The Struggles Of Being A Soloist

Being a soloist can be hard!

There’s no debate, Chungha is one of the most successful K-Pop idols right now! Despite her great success, Chungha revealed to W Korea that being a soloist can be quiet hard, especially going from being in I.O.I with several members to flying solo.

First off, Chungha revealed the how she perceives herself as an idol.

Q: For entertainers, it’s important to have some degree of being a little full of themselves and perceiving themselves as cool. How is it for you, Chungha?

I’m not sure. Looking at myself makes me cringe. When I hear my own song somewhere, I gasp, and monitoring myself is one of the hardest things. I don’t engage in social media, and I don’t look at other people’s profiles either. Since I don’t read news articles either, I only find out about what’s happening through friends. In this profession, I should become interested, but my interest is actually fading even more.

— Chungha

This lead the interviewer into the direction of Chungha as a soloist to which she replied she still wasn’t used to being a solo idol.

I’m still trying to get used to flying solo.

— Chungha

The interviewer was shocked to hear Chungha still wasn’t used to being a soloist even after 4 year. Chungha explained that after her promotions she still struggles a bit. She further explained that she recently had a hard time after she caught COVID-19.

Q: Even though it has been 4 years since you debuted as a solo artist?

Yeah. I try to get used to it, but then I end up wrapping up the promotion. And this time, I really thought I’d get the hang of it… but I got hit with COVID-19. The longer I stayed away from performing, the more I felt like, ‘I don’t even remember what it’s like to be on stage anymore.’ And that made me nervous at times.

— Chungha

Source: W Korea


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