Believers of a Church in Seoul Were Reportedly Made to Eat Poop and Maggots as a Part of Faith Training

The pastor claims that the believers are doing it voluntarily.

A Christian media company in Korea recently revealed the training process involved in joining a church located in Seoul, and the contents of it have shocked the nation.

The report revealed the unusual training methods conducted by the pastor, Kim Myung Jin of Light and Truth Church located in Dongdaemun-gu.

According to the report, the believers of the church were made to get whipped in a graveyard, preach the gospel at gay bars and adult establishments until they got cussed out, and even eat poop and maggots.

In addition, one person is said to have suffered a stroke during the faith training and has been receiving rehabilitation treatment at a nursing hospital for the last 18 months.

And those who speak up against the problematic methods are met with retaliation from within the church.

The list outlining the process of the faith training is separated into categories such as “hardship”, “poverty”, “troubling”, “getting whipped”, “confinement”, “noisy”, “can’t sleep”, “can’t eat”, “clean”, and more.

Some of the training activities that are baffling many include “run 70 laps around Konguk within 3 hours in the summer”, “stay in ice water for 1 hour in the winter”, “eat garbage, moldy food, and poop”, “clean up someone else’s puke with bare hands and rub it on your face”, and much more.

As soon as the report got out, the pastor, Kim Myung Jin stressed, “Don’t meddle in our matters. We never forced them to do these things. They only did it because they volunteered to do it.”

The pastor continued, “These are just issues that arose from the fierce competition to become my pupil.

Source: Dispatch