Cinema Chain Goes Viral With Its “BTS: Yet To Come In Cinemas” Advertisement

It’s not the company’s first time going viral with a BTS-themed video.

A cinema company is going viral with its creative advertisement for BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas. 

Previously, it was announced that BTS’s Yet to Come in Busan concert would be screened in cinemas globally via CGV Cinemas, the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea. The 103-minute concert movie will be screened in 110 countries worldwide beginning on February 1. This includes ScreenX, 4DX, etc.

Although BTS’s name is enough to get ARMYs to go out to the cinemas, one cinema company came up with a creative way to advertise the concert movie.

British cinema company based in London, England, Cineworld, also the second-largest cinema chain globally, uploaded a video to TikTok. Employees asked each other, “When can I see BTS at Cineworld?” Their co-worker would reply, “The moment is yet to come,” referencing the song and movie title.

The video ended with the staff in the theater preparing to watch BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas. 

The video went viral in only a day with 349.4K views and 56.1K likes at the time of writing.


Only true BTS fans will see the ending coming 😏🕺#BTS #BTSARMY #KPop #yettocome #btsofficial

♬ BTS & K-POP style funk beat(1034230) – Oren

The ad got ARMYs even more excited for the movie!

| @cineworld/TikTok

This actually isn’t the first time Cineworld went viral with a BTS ad. Previously, they posted a creative TikTok for BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul: Live Viewing. Read more below.

Cinema Company Goes Viral For Creative “BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul: Live Viewing” Advertisement

Source: cineworld

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