A Civil Servant In South Korea Reveals That He Had Installed Hidden Cameras In Female Toilets Because He Was “Lonely”

He has appealed for a lighter sentence.

A South Korean civil servant, identified as Mr. A, has been revealed to have been secretly spying on women with a hidden camera.

Mr. A would go to work extremely early, mistakenly receiving praise from his co-workers and bosses for being diligent. However, he had a different reason for arriving earlier than necessary. Mr. A would go to a public toilet on the first floor of the Daejeon Daedeuk City Hall Main Building and install a tiny hidden camera.

The Daejeon Daeduk City Hall Main Building | E News

He would alternate days between installing the camera and retrieving it to view the contents. As his actions went unnoticed, he got more daring. He installed another camera on the fourth floor of the building. This went on for about 22 rounds.

Later on, he decided he did not like the filming angle and decided to change the location of the camera. It was then when he was finally caught. His crime was confirmed through the CCTV footage of him entering the women’s bathrooms.

As he stood trial, Mr. A claimed that he committed the crime because was “lonely“. He also expressed that he “wants to find every victim, kneel down, and atone for his crime“.

His lawyer pleaded leniency by claiming that, although the materials were obtained illegally, he did not spread them nor planned to profit off of them. Although the prosecution demanded 4 years of jail time for his actions, the courts took into account the fact that he did not spread the materials and have sentenced him to 2 years instead. This trial was held in November 2020.

However, Mr. A refuses to accept the rulings so the court case continues this year in 2021. He has been set for an appeal on February 10, 2021.

Source: News1