CIX’s Seunghun Reveals That He Was Mugged While Out In New York City

He was mugged while out getting food.

CIX‘s Seunghun recently shared with fans on live stream and social media that he was mugged while in New York City.

CIX’s Seunghun | C9 Entertainment

CIX are currently spending time in New York City following their performance alongside BoA and WINNER for the Korea-U.S. SMEs go TOGETHER Summit K-Pop minicon. Fans were excited to see the group perform and enjoy their time in the United States.

CIX while in New York for the Korea-U.S. SMEs go TOGETHER Summit K-Pop minicon. | @CIX_Official/Twitter

It seems like right after the group’s performance, unfortunately, Seunghun had a terrifying experience when he was out getting food. While member BX was on live stream, Seunghun explains that while he was out, he got mugged by a group of six men who took all of his money.

Yesterday, I couldn’t go out because I got mugged. Yesterday, six foreigner hyungs came over while cursing, telling me to hand over my money. So I had all my cash stolen from me. I really wanted to cry yesterday.

— CIX’s Seunghun

It seems like Seunghun was alone for a moment when the muggers struck. He later reassured fans that he was okay on the Universe app’s messaging platform. He explained that they usually have bodyguards but the mugging occurred when the group’s manager and he went out for tacos without security.

I didnt tell u bc I knew you’d worry like this! ㅠㅠThe manager hyungnim saved me.
We actually had bodyguards the whole time during our perf too. It happened during that one time we went out for tacos [without our bodyguards]. If it weren’t for our manager, I would have been in bigger trouble.

— CIX’s Seunghun

Besides being a little shaken up by the encounter, Seunghun says that he is okay and was more concerned with how fans would react than anything.

He also had a good attitude about what happened, saying that he considers the mugging as “getting all the bad [luck] out of the way,” and shared that he had a great time watching WINNER and BoA perform!

Anyway, I thought of this as getting all the bad [luck] out of the way so that instead, I make good memories of the stage yesterday with sunbaenims, the audience, and FIX ㅎㅎㅎ

I’m heading back to Korea now, so please run into my arms~

— CIX’s Seunghun

Seunghun (in white) with WINNER. | @cix.official/Instagram

We are glad that Seunghun is safe!

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