CJ E&M Quarterly Projections Has Fans Expecting An IZ*ONE Comeback Among Other Things

It looks like WIZ*ONE can get excited.

Screenshots of CJ E&M’s third-quarter projections have been leaked which has led to fans speculating some of the things the company and its subsidiaries have planned for September.

The report lists three artists who will be releasing music in the third quarter of 2019, IZ*ONEJay Park and Heize. Baring in mind that the third quarter ranges from July 1st to September 30th, Heize and Jay Park have already released music within this period which just leaves IZ*ONE awaiting a comeback soon.

In addition to an IZ*ONE comeback, it looks like CJ are planning an X1 showcase in late August and a Jay Park concert sometime during the third quarter.

Nothing is confirmed but it looks like WIZ*ONE can get excited, especially with all the hints that the members have been dropping lately.

Source: DC Inside