CJ E&M responds and denies rumors of looking to sign B.A.P

With news released earlier this morning reporting that B.A.P is in talks with CJ E&M in signing an exclusive contract, CJ E&M was quick to respond and denied the rumors.

The agency acknowledged that the two parties did meet up but denied the news about the exclusive contract. CJ E&M stated their stand and it seems like the idol group was the first to approach them.

Quoting the agency, “At the request of B.A.P members, it is true that we recently met up for a meeting. However, we are not considering an exclusive contract with them or whatsoever.”

CJ E&M has been the distributor for B.A.P’s LIVE ON EARTH concerts in 2013 and 2014, leading to suspicions if there could have been an agreement with the group’s original label.

It has been more than five months since B.A.P filed their lawsuit against TS Entertainment in November last year, but due to delays, an official trial between the two parties have yet to take place.

Source: TV Report